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  • Lost Pet Archived
    11 Boxwood Road Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
    0006C4DA1C Microchip #
  • 931 Edgewood Rd Annapolis, MD, 21403, USA - Annapolis
    This is a (small) image of the big flooding issue that currently exist in the wooded area behind the Gardens of Annapolis senior living center located at 931 Edgewood Rd, Annapolis, MD, 21403, and this has resulted in major flooding and ponding in the back yards of the adjacent homes in the Annapolis Roads community (my house included located at 2834 Carrollton Rd.), in addition to flooding and ponding in the entire area behind the adjacent townhouses located on Breakwater Drive (at the intersection of Edgewood Rd). Could someone come out (as soon as possible) to see and inspect this issue first hand? Note, this flooding issue has existed for at least the last four years that I have lived in the Annapolis Roads community, so I sure it's been an issue prior to me moving into my home.
  • Noise Acknowledged
    1010 Tallwood Road Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
    Building a outdoor sports area/ Park. Out of the old golf course. Extremely loud noise maybe a generator? Going all hours of the day. loud and can’t fall asleep at night and wake early due to the construction at 7am.
  • Lost Pet Archived
    1101 Lake Heron Dr Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
    Very friendly and very timid. Completely harmless.
  • Lost Cat Archived
    820 Monroe St Annapolis, MD 21403, USA - Annapolis
    Sabastian, 16yr old Black/grey striped tabby cat, White boots all paws & white chest/belly. . Had chain collar with tag when got out on or about Dec 1st & must have panicked. May be hiding, usually active in evening & early morning. Was new to area at Watergate Apts. Family heartbroken, been searching daily.
  • Lost Pet Archived
    Chase Street Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
    Zephyr is a very sweet, friendly domestic short hair. He was not wearing his collar when he went missing but he has a microchip from the Annapolis SPCA. He could be locked in someone's garage or basement?
  • Lost Pet Archived
    119 Smith Avenue Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
    Lily disappeared from outside my home November 16, 2017. She is VERY friendly and we miss her terribly. She was the unofficial mayor of our street. She disappeared after being bitten by a foster bengal in our home.
  • Bates Middle School Science Dept. 701 Chase Street, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States of America - Annapolis
  • Found Pet Archived
    40 Ironstone Ct Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
    This Tortoiseshell cat tends to stay in one area at 40 Ironstone Ct around the back at homes #G, H, and I.
  • 20 Locust Ave Annapolis, MD, 21401, USA - Annapolis
  • Unknown Archived
    1112 Mitchell Street Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
  • 1 Ashford Ct Annapolis 21403, United States - Annapolis
    Dark Blue Ford Mustang, no plates, hasn’t moved in months