East Brunswick Public Works

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  • New Jersey 18 East Brunswick, NJ 08816, USA - East Brunswick
    This has to be the worst concept ever implemented! You have traffic coming off the Turnpike trying to merge at the point where Rt 18 splits for Rt 1 North. Those coming from the Tpk not going to Rt 1 North have to merge left while those on 18 going to Rt 1 north have to merge right. There is constant traffic and several accidents caused by this horrendous design!
  • 215 Riva Avenue Milltown, nj - East Brunswick

    My mom is 75 & recently had back surgery and been diagnosed with cell cancer (multiple Myeloma), I am trying to find someone is could assist with shoveling her a path from the drive way and also a path to allow venting to the back of house


  • 36-56 Windsor Dr East Brunswick, NJ 08816, USA - East Brunswick
    Every street in Windsor Park is a sheet of ICE. Please salt these streets before we have a major accident in the neighborhood.
  • 16 Surrey Lane east brunswick, nj - East Brunswick

    My grandmother is disabled and I am having trouble recruiting family members to assist in clearing her driveway. Please help!


  • 4 Wellington Rd East Brunswick , NJ - East Brunswick

    2 Disabled veterans. Our drive way is frozen and the recent storms have been to much for me to handle alone.


  • Dutch Rd. East Brunswick - East Brunswick
    Dutch Road East Brunswick all the way to Milltown. TONS OF POTHOLES AND VERY DANGEROUS..
  • Pothole Open
    Kulessa Ct East Brunswick, New Jersey - East Brunswick
    Huge pothole directly in front the Kulessa Street entrance. Very dangerous when raining as it fills to the brim making it invisible.
  • pothole Open
    8 Darby Road East Brunswick, New Jersey - East Brunswick
    pothole in front of 8 Darby road
  • 636 State Highway 18 East Brunswick, NJ 08816, USA - East Brunswick
    Because this corner at Arthur Street and Rt 18 N is depressed and broken, the area floods. Now it's a skating rink, making turns onto 18 hazardous in the extreme.
  • 149 Summerhill Rd East Brunswick, NJ 08816, USA - East Brunswick
    Cars turning left onto Racetrack Rd should have a Left Turn Signal.
  • Clearview Road East Brunswick NJ 08816, USA - East Brunswick
    Clearview Road needs to be repaved. Many potholes and street seems to be sinking in parts especially on the corner of Clearview and Echo
  • 1-11 Albert St East Brunswick, NJ 08816, USA - East Brunswick
    Polt holes on Albert St just off Route 18 North