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  • 412-414 Roosevelt Highway Colchester, Vermont - Colchester
    Heading south on Route 7, the yellow bulb for the traffic light on the right is burnt out.
  • 172 Roosevelt Highway Colchester, Vermont - Colchester
    This morning around 7:20am the light at the bottom of the exit 16 southbound off-ramp was only letting 4 cars through on green. At one point it stayed red for 5 straight minutes. When I got to the off-ramp traffic was beginning to back up onto the interstate. It took me over 10 minutes to make it down the ramp so I'm sure traffic was backing up a long ways onto the interstate during this time. Please fix ASAP!!!
  • 106 High Point Ctr Colchester 05446, United States - Colchester
    Please fix this pot hole at the end of Highpoint center which gets worse by the day
  • Roosevelt Hwy Colchester 05446, United States - Colchester
    Panhandlers in the are leave large amounts of litter and occasionally human waste in this location. Please do not encourage them with money, no matter how generous it may make you feel.
  • 18 Champlain Drive Colchester, Vermont - Colchester
    Both overhead lights are out at this intersection
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway Colchester, Vermont - Colchester
    Overheard street light out on the entrance to the south ramp for 89S. Dark and dangerous.