Council District 35 (Dave Rosenberg)

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Dave Rosenberg, Councilman, Metro Council District 35

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  • 8367–8399 Highway 100 Nashville 37221, United States - Pasquo
    Several huge potholes have opened up on Hwy 100 before the bridge going west. Please fix these.
  • 8042 Highway 100 Nashville Tn 37221 United States - Pasquo
    On Hwy 100 a bit before Temple Road (with Zaxby’s on your right) there is a rough seam in the road on the right edge of the lane. Please fix this because it is pretty bad now and will only get worse as time goes on. Thanks!
  • Farmington Place Nashville, Tennessee - Bellevue
    a dump truck just dropped an entire truck-load of dirt into the street. It takes up at least half of the street if not more. If it is all cleared today, it shouldn't be too big of an issue, but if it's left at night it will definitely be a hazard.
  • 7401 Tn-100 Nashville, TN 37221, USA - Bellevue
    There's a giant pothole on Hwy 100 just before Zaxby's. It's on the same side of the highway as Zaxby's and is in line with the passenger side wheels on a car that's traveling down the center of the lane. Please fix this hole!
  • Poplar Creek Trace And Tulip Tree Lane Nashville, Tennessee - Poplar Creek Estates
    The Stop Sign at Tulip Tree Lane and Poplar Creek Trace in the Poplar Creek Subdivision is obstructed by the branches of huge trees on that corner. An accident occurred on 1-28-18 that caused a car to flip over and rotate 180 degrees, landing across Poplar Creek Trace and Willow Oak Road. Other near misses have also occurred quite frequently. Thank you!