West Pottsgrove Township

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  • Vine Street Stowe Pa 19464 - Stowe
    Hugh Pot hole needs to be fixed. There is watering coming from it and rocks everywhere. This really needs to be filled, it is a real mess. Right on the Corner of Vine and Walnut, Stowe.
  • Glassgow Street stowe, pa - Stowe
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Jefferson/Race Street Stowe - Stowe
    A stop sign is needed to slow down cars. There are many people that once they make the turn before Center Street they drive fast - very fast all the way down Race Street - they are a lot of children in the area and the speeding is so unsafe. A stop light is needed to slow people down - an easy fix!!!!
  • Rice Street Between High And Glasgow Stowe, pa, 19464, USA - Stowe
    When cars approach glasgow street and rice from high, there is barely any visiblity for traffic to cross. Besides that there is turbulant, uneven pavment and potholes on rice befor you reach the intersection. It is one wild ride! Please fix it...
  • 800 Block Of Monroe Ave Pottstown, PA - Stowe
    This street is not marked ONE WAY near the beginning of the street. Those going down this block, do not see the one way sign especially if visiting or working halfway down the block. They usually turn around and go out the way they came in. The WRONG way. If you turn left at the corner coming from berks street, you cannot see any cars coming up the street until its too late, this is either going to be a car accident or the death of one of our children. Please fix this NOW!