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  • 5970 Crestmont Ave Clearwater, FL 33760, Clearwater, Florida - South Highpoint
    Trash cans stay on Rd. 24/7/365 have asked politely and been to to go screw. The road is filthy with litter as well as the entrance from Roosevelt to Morgan St.
  • 5978 Crestmont St Clearwater, Florida - South Highpoint
    Men congregate on Friday and Saturday nights and litter the property and the street as well as Sundays days. Trash bins are never brought back from the curb.
  • 5970 Crestmont St. Clearwater FL 33760, Largo, Florida - South Highpoint
    Trash bin on street 24/7. mega trash on other side of road across from them. Constant trash and litterling.
  • 5928 Crestmont Ave Largo, Florida - South Highpoint
    Trash cans stay on road 24/7 overfilled and litter everywhere.
  • 6440 150th Avenue North Clearwater, Florida - Largo
    The storm water pond that runs along 150th Ave N and goes north towards Roosevelt Blvd has a lot of trash and litter in it as well as very high weeds and grass throughout the pond. If possible, can this stretch of water be cleaned out, cut down and maintained? Thanks.
  • 15601 60th St N Largo, Florida - South Highpoint

    Looks like illegal roof attached from house to fence.

    Litter everywhere.

  • 5928 Crestmont Ave Clearwater, Florida - South Highpoint
    Bank owned abandoned house not being maintained according to law. Possible squatters, litter everywhere.