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  • 340 Second Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Last night this very same vehicle drove right over the delinator's, a middle age female with shoulder length dark hair walked out of J.C Eco Laundry and laughed uproariously at the driver, clapping and saying "Haha, good one!!"
    THIS is NO LONGER a simple "parking violation", this is a full blown business complaint. Thank you.
  • 161 Van Wagenen Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA - Journal Square
    Sidewalks missing and badly damaged from 161 Van Wagenen Ave to 155 Van Wagene. these sidewalks are located at the base of the Port Authority Crossing aka "rainbow bridge" that our community uses to bring our children to our assigned schools everyday. Water is pooling during rain events as well. Garbage is collecting in the broken and heaving chunks of concrete.
  • 741 West Side Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA - West Side
    Just returned from getting groceries at Fine Fare with my son. There were upwards of 10 people loitering outside of Bauer’s liquor and the closed barber shop. They had open containers, they had bikes and chairs blocking the sidewalk, a boom box playing and one of the women, visibly intoxicated was mocking my child as he tried to ride by on his scooter “are you going to the park?” She yelled as she laughed at him. I didn’t take photos or report until I got home because I was afraid and so was my child. We shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to the grocery store in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday. Why can’t we clean this area up and get rid of these derelicts once and for all!
  • 298 4th St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Sidewalk in desperate need of repair on the coles street side of 298 4th street. There is just loose dirt and rocks in two huge spots over 100 sq feet. There is even a massive and dangerous sink home with orange cones in it. Also digging work was recently completed and not properly repaired. Major safety hazard for walking, jogging, strollers and children. Please don't let this linger before repairing or forcing the owner of 298 4th street to repair.
  • 759 West Side Ave Jersey City New Jersey - West Side
    Last Monday, my husband stopped into our neighborhood supermarket, Fine Fare, to pick up a few odds and ends. Normally we are good about checking dates, but children’s juice can last for many years, so it is not the kind of thing most people would think to check carefully. After my three year old son had already consumed most of the juices, I saw the expiration date was July of 2017. How does something go unnoticed for over a year? I have spoken with many neighbors and it seems like this grocery store has been selling expired products intentionally, in order to take advantage of a neighborhood with very limited options. They frequently sell expired products on sale and hide rotten vegetables under fresh ones. Then they often refuse to give refunds. Last night, my son was up crying with stomach cramping. They need to be investigated before they KILL someone!
  • 470-478 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - Journal Square
    Very dangerous crossing Newark Ave and Waldo Ave, especially during rush hour. Oftentimes, when waiting to cross, cars speed along Newark Ave with complete disregard for the neon yellow Pedestrian Crosswalk sign. Equally dangerous are cars turning right onto Newark from Waldo - the other I was crossing from the north side of Newark towards Waldo when a car traveling down Newark towards downtown stopped to let me cross BUT another car on Waldo turning right on Newark did not see me and started springing forward. I was pushing an infant in a stroller and had to stop real quick. Even the car that had stopped for me was honking its horn. This cross-walk is really dangerous for pedestrians, and I think there needs to be a traffic signal added because the drivers really have zero regard for any crosswalk signage.
  • 172 1st St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to file a complaint or if this is the correct type of complaint to file, but O'haras Downtown Sport Bar & Grill is, by far, the worst thing to happen to this neighborhood in Jersey City.

    Every weekend on both Friday and Saturday night starting at around 2:00am, and sometimes earlier, up until around 4:00am, and sometimes later, the bar O'haras kicks everyone out. During that time, complete chaos ensues. Everyone starts screaming, arguing, smashing liquor bottles, driving drunk, and destroying property. Almost every weekend there are multiple fights and sometimes, but very rarely, the cops show up. However, the cops just move everyone along so they can clearly/obviously drive away drunk. Most of this happens on 1st Street between Marin Blvd and Provost street, right outside of the Oakmont and The Art House buildings.

    Every Sunday and Monday, there is smashed glass from liquor bottles all over the streets and sidewalks. My dog has sadly walked through the smashed glass multiple times, so I am now more cautious and spend my Sunday's and Monday's cleaning the streets and sidewalks. O'haras is 100% responsible for all of this and something needs to be done about it.

    One day, something very bad is going to happen outside of O'haras after it closes - if that hasn't happened already. I constantly fear for my fiance (who is a woman) when she has to walk past that bar late at night on weekend. The crowd is aggressive, angry, drunk, belligerent, and destructive. Also, I am extremely confident that cars, car windows, and/or other property will be destroyed on one of the more hectic nights. Something needs to be done about the noise, violence, damage to property, and all of the other terrible things that O'harras brings to this neighborhood before something really terrible happens.

    If there is a better way to report this type of issue, please let me know. Thank you.

  • Driveways Archived
    214 Bowers Street Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    Would like to know whether the resident at 214 Bowers Street is within his legal right to place cones directly on the street at both sides of his driveway? He purposely places the cones beyond the width of his driveway which essentially decreases on street parking capacity for those of us who need to park our cars on the street. You can see from the pictures how far he has extended what he believes to be his property, including painting each curb at least 1 foot beyond what is actually his driveway. To make matters worse, he rarely parks his car in the driveway, and typically parks on the street in front of his driveway. While I understand that parking his car on the street in front of his driveway is his prerogative he should not force the rest of the community to comply with his demands. On street parking in the Heights is difficult problem to begin with on a daily basis and now we have to deal with an owners who feel they how a right to encroach on the street, too ? Every day he places these cones on the street and pushes them further back every chance he gets. Is this even legal ?
  • Construction Archived
    Pershing Field Pool - The Heights
    The showers in this facility have been constantly getting repaired but seem to become the same way after the fix them. There are paint chippings all over the shower and they create mold. The whole Pershing Field Pool needs renovation. The floors are always turning black from blue and the floors in the bathroom are beginning to mold and stink. The pool deck is even worse!! There's always hair or some type of algae growing in from the floor. This pool really needs lots of repairs and remodeling done!
  • 502 Palisade Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    The tall slide on the jungle gym closest to Palisade, some of the pieces are starting to disconnect and cause gaps. I saw a few kids hurt their fingers going down because they got caught in the gaps. It's currently a hazard and will only break completely in a short time. The biggest pieces coming apart are at the very top and very bottom of the slide.
  • 131 Dudley St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    sidewalk uneven area- almost 5-6 inches from one side to another so need to even out. also, the tree gates (4-5 total) are coming out as the roots are protruding out. looks a mess and people can be injured. see picture. this whole street is a mess with overgrown trees as well as reported by others
  • 485 Marin Boulevard - Downtown

    This part of marin boulevard was initially 2 lanes. The construction of 485 marin has ended up with 2 landscaped islands which appear out of nowhere.

    Meanwhile the road going north had a left turn lane which is now a part of the only single lane going south.

    At night this is an accident waiting to happen. Dod the construction company usurp public road with a landscaped island. You can see the original lane markings of the 2 original lanes.