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  • Bay Street Osprey, Florida - Osprey
    Telephone pole leaning on wire/cable and overhangs Bay Street. Location - on Bay Street in Osprey. Just east of Jehova's Witnessess. North Side of Street. Occurred during Hurricane Irma. Looks like utility company (possibly Comcast) has tried to clear the vines that were growing up pole but did not address the pole itself It is going to fall over, into the road and hurt someone. It needs to be removed. Not certain which utility owns the pole.
  • Sign Archived
    50 W Bay St Osprey FL 34229, United States - Osprey
    Illegal sign in public right of way
  • 34 Pine Ave Osprey, FL 34229, USA - Osprey
  • Sign Archived
    40 W Bay St Osprey FL 34229, United States - Osprey
    Public street/ROW has been posted with “keep out” and “no trespassing “ signs
  • 149 E Bay St Osprey, FL, 34229, USA - Osprey
    Parcel ID:014315-0060
    Parcel of Land on corner of Bay St and Glenwood Ave in Osprey
    1) Homeless Individuals camping out and making an illegal use of the property.
    2) Outside storage of garbage, debris, and equipment creating a junk like condition and making illegal use of property.
    Code Enforcement officer must drive down Glenwood Ave and look left behind large pine trees. Debris pile cannot be seen from Bay St.
  • Other Archived
    13140 South Tamiami Trail Osprey, Florida - Osprey
    Bay Acres Ave between US-41 and Explorer Dr needs restriping. You can barely tell where the lanes are.
  • 1524 Southbay Dr 34229, Sarasota, Florida - Osprey
    RV with North Carolina plates parked in roadway for 4 days, electrical and water hooked up to vehicle periodically and disconnected during day
  • 6 Bay Acres Ave Osprey 34229, United States - Osprey
    Pile keeps growing with tree debris, discarded bike parts, furniture, etc
    Can’t this be restricted?
  • 130 Main Street Osprey, FL, 34229, USA - Osprey
    County Pier at end of Main Street
    It would be very helpful if the pier had reflectors on it for safety when approaching it by water after sunset. Reflectors on the sides as well as the end would be most prudent. People that use the canoe/kayak launch would be grateful as would other boaters in the evening. Thank you!
  • 6 Bay Acres Ave Osprey FL 34229, United States - Osprey
    Illegal structure in back yard and mattress thrown on east side of yard in yard debris
  • Signal Archived
    6 Bay Acres Ave Osprey FL 34229, United States - Osprey
    US 41 and Bay Acres Ave
    Constantly missing eastbound green light and when it does turn green it last 5 seconds !
  • Signal Archived
    N Tamiami Trl & W Bay St Osprey, FL, 34229, USA - Osprey
    The 4-way intersection at Bay St and Tamiami Trl in Osprey, 34229