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  • 1-99 Mountain Laurel Ln Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    There is a raw sewage smell in the neighborhood starting at 7pm. This issue has been persisting for months and months with no acknowledgment and no solve in place. Nearly every night this extremely disgusting, and overpowering odor takes over the entire neighborhood. This is an absolute disgrace that these residents of Fitchburg have to shut themselves indoors and close all their windows lest they turn their houses into an indoor Porto-John. I can’t imagine the negative health effects breathing this in is having on my family and young child.
  • Pothole Archived
    198 Temple Street Fitchburg, MA 01420, United States of America - Fitchburg
  • 160 Plymouth St Fitchburg, MA 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    Start enforcing the parking ban so residents do not keep sliding into illegally parked cars. This is ridiculous every year the city refuses to do their job. Last year a resident in my household slid down Plymouth st. striking a parked car to which we had to pay for the repairs, because once again the city refuses to enforce the laws they are paid to enforce! It's pure laziness
  • Storm Drains Archived
    546 5th Mass Tpke Fitchburg, MA 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    I am keeping a very close eye and documenting every aspect of this complaint because not 1 person has reached out to us as homeowners now its ruining our driveway! the end of our driveway is caving into the sewer drain under it because of the lack of tendimg to these drains on this road. If this does cave in we will have NO ACCESS TO LEAVE OUR HOME for an emergency, for work etc.!!! I would like for someone to contact me immediately. I have photos of the extreme transition that this is causing to our property. The worse it gets the more expensive its going to be to repair!
  • 112 Chester St Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    In a total state of disrepair door panels off bumper off no headlights and being repaired in residential driveway. The worker does not live there and please note there is a speaker in the house window playing music to the neighborhood. Is this blight or do they have to remove the whole body! and all the windows. This is more than car maintenance. Repair men come here regularly to work on vehicles.
  • Mt Elam Rd Fitchburg MA 01420, United States - Fitchburg
    There is an abandoned toilet and other miscellaneous trash on the corner of the Mt. Elam exit from Rt. West and Mt. Elam Rd.
  • Milk Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts - Fitchburg
    Milk Street in Fitchburg is having a problem with broken / torn apart curbs that are not only a ice or but a hazard to people and Postman that are walking by. There is a drain on the corner of milk and Seneca that is cracked and about to cave in, and there is a drain on Seneca that is already caved in with cones around it that have been like that for a couple months now. I was wondering who I could get in contact about this so that something could be done. Thank you
  • Storm Drains Archived
    1-199 Exeter St Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    Large hole on top of storm drain is unsafe, large enough for a foot to get stuck.
  • 246 Pratt Rd Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    We would like to put in a request for speed bumps before or after the park across the street. There are many children around and for years we have been watching speeding up and down Pratt road and have seen many accidents and children almost being hit. Just recently I was taking my grandchildren across the street to the park and we were nearly hit by a speeding vehicle. There is a public park, with a play ground and it gets very busy especially in the summer and people are driving erratically at high rate of speeds thinking it’s a race track. Someone is going to get seriously injured or killed. I beg you to please put in speed bumps around the park area to slow people down and prevent a tragedy..
  • St Joseph Ave & Daniels St Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    Sumac tree growing on city sidewalk is blocking a clear view of this stop sign. People keep running the stop sign and an accident will happen again at this intersection.
  • 532 5th Massachusetts Turnpike Fitchburg, MA 01420, USA - Fitchburg
  • Sewer Issue Archived
    473 Main St Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    Out side the building smells like rotten eggs
    Inside 3rd floor smells like sewer, staff have been experiencing coughing and headaches. We are told that currently they are cleaning the pipes the system, at this point we don't know what is going on, Theirs a chemical smell as well as a sewer smell. The mixture is strong, causing me myself to feel light headed. Unsure if what is going on is safe, no one is telling staff on the 3rd floor anything. We told our superior, he is aware of the problem, but not aware I am contacting you. We as staff want to know is this building safe for us to work in, or is it going to make us sick. Because all of us have been sick with sinus infections, and other issues since this started over 4 weeks ago. We want you the Health department to verify and ensure we are working is a safe building. We have had fans running daily, doors open, we hear its fixed then within a day, we smell it again. But this issue has been going on for rover 4 weeks,. We need this problem resolved as soon as you can, this is horrible. Please do something. I don't want to get in trouble here.