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Huge pile in road, 9ft. high and 70 feet wide of debris which has become a safety and health (rats) hazzard. The address is 13014 which his directly across the street from our house. Our address is 13035 93rd. Ave., Seminole

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  • 13085 Lois Ave Seminole, FL 33776, USA - Commission District 6
    When traveling west on 86th Avenue from Seminole Blvd there are trees blocking sight of the traffic light until you are right on it. Continuing West on 86th a tree is doing the same thing to the stop sign on 86th and Ridge road. Those not familiar with the area are not given enough time to see the light or the sign.
  • 13088 Lois Ave Seminole / Pinellas, Florida - Commission District 6
    Looks like home owner removed items from yard and dumped them on the county right of way behind their house.
  • 12897 Lois Ave Seminole/Pinellas, Florida - Commission District 6
    Leased County owned property behind Northern border of Dalewood Subdivision not being mowed consistently by Walsingham Horseman’s association as per agreement.
  • Road Issue Archived
    13035 91st Ave. N. Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    A large Pine Tree fell during hurricane Irma. The county removed the tree, but the curbing in the area was raised and the gutter/ditch system no longer allows water to flow to the storm drain and water pools for days.
  • 13088 Lois Ave Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    Ever afternoon (probably a bunch of small) dog(s) are barking for hours like crazy. This is ongoing since a couple of months. 1. Maybe dogs are treated badly. 2. Very disturbing for neighbors 3. Some first-responders have to sleep during the day. Thanks for your support and investigation.
  • 9277 Elm Circle Seminole , Florida - Commission District 6
    Property not maintained --dogs on property , pool green, wild animals around, shrubbery taking over property. Vehicle in driveway with Flat tire for months now. I need to remain private and anonymous.
  • 13000 Lois Ave Seminole / Pinellas, Florida - Commission District 6
    Continuous sales of junk in front yard
  • 12933 Lois Avenue Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    Shed built right up to property line. Room addition withot permit, a/c change without permit. Electrical panel change withou permit. Interior house remodel without permit. Roof addition without permit.
  • 13189 94th Ave Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    blue tarp on roof since hurricane, big eye sore, boraded windows, pool filled with debris, stagnat water, trash all over the yard, fence falling down, 2 motor homes on property that are storage and broke down, this needs to be taken care of big eyesore in this nice neighborhood.
  • 13096 Lois Avenue Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    Large camper parked illegally in Front of property
    Must be parked in rear of property where it cannot be seen
  • 12810 93rd Ave N Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    Excessive tree and yard debris overflowing onto the County right of way on the north side of their property and 30 feet or so on the back or east side of property. They also put their make shift since of boards and wire 30 feet on the County right of way. The front and south side of their house has construction materials stored outside as well. See attached photos.
  • Road Issue Archived
    13100 94th Ave Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    County cut down trees, left ugly stump and branches/sticks/trash. I picked up most trash, could county clean up and maybe lay some sod, nice stretch of road, hate to see it so ugly. Lots of kids walk this route to school. along 94th ave between 134 & 135th street. Thank-you,Anne LaMaire