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Watching issues created after: 2017-11-09

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  • Street Light Archived
    7 Homestead Ave - Garden City
    Street lights on Homestead are out.
  • Street Sign Acknowledged
    41 Chestnut Street Garden City, NY - Garden City
    EPOA Request: Sign on corner of Meadow/Boylston street has been ripped down. Please replace
  • Street Sign Archived
    130 Franklin Ave Garden City, NY, 11530, USA - Garden City
    Very loose, leaning towards the right
  • 2–16 Avalon Rd Garden City 11530, United States - Garden City
    Pick up the leaves on Avalon across the island. The leaves have been blocking the sewers up and down Avalon and it’s making the water build up where the sewers are.
  • Street Light Acknowledged
    45 Princeton Garden City, New York - Garden City
    Street light is out
  • Pothole Archived
    71 Mulberry Avenue Garden City, New York - Garden City
    At corner of Mulberry Ave. and Maple St. on Maple St. side near the curb, an area of about 10 ft. by 4 ft of pavement is breaking up and down to bare soil in part of the area.
  • 102-104 Locust St Garden City, NY 11530, USA - Garden City
  • 8 Wyatt Rd Garden City, NY, 11530, USA - Garden City
    Branch from village trip is over sidewalk and is stuck on another branch. Strong wind will bring it crashing down
  • 70monroe St Garden City, New York - Garden City
    Can the root above surface be removed? Roots on above surface of my front lawn. Sidewalk being compromised.
  • 105 Tullamore Road Garden City, NY - Garden City
    please check village tree at curb is dropping branches, homeowner wants the tree taken down
  • Street Light Archived
    138 Hampton Road Garden City New York - Garden City
    The pole is visibly leaning about towards the sidewalk and the base cap is missing. I can easily push on the pole and it moves in the ground.
  • Pothole Archived
    228 Kensington Road Garden City, New York - Garden City
    There are numerous potholes that need to be addressed. They are all over the streets, in the middle as well as the sides.