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  • 1803 Twining Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania - Abington Townhip

    The residents of Willow Manor have noticed an increase in cut through traffic as holiday traffic increases on Rt 63, especially during the am & pm rush hours. This is especially concerning with an elementary school in the neighborhood. Would it be possible to have the UPD look into this. Thank you.

    Paul Nicotera

  • Dale Rd Willow Grove, PA, 19090, USA - Abington Townhip
    Hi. Someone is going to get badly hurt at the intersection of Dale and Patricia Avenue in Willow Grove, Pa!!! I watched two cars almost nail each other this morning. Every morning when I go out to walk my dog I hear horns beeping and people screaming at each other! No one stops at the stop sign and uses our neighborhood as a cut through to Twining road ! I know police have been out before but a strong police presence has to be established again! Thank you .
  • Pennsylvania Ave & Summit Ave Fort Washington, PA, 19034, USA - Fort Washington

    Traffic light issues, vehicles blocking the box, and chaos during rush hour.

    1. The traffic light at this intersection appears to be failing. It will often be a long green for Penn Ave., turn green for Summit but then immediately turn red.

    2. Vehicles on Penn Ave toward the Bethlehem Pike continue to block the box causing gridlock and dangerous situations.

    3. Increased traffic, signal issues, and drivers blocking the box is creating reckless driving up Summit to avoid the delays to get onto Fort Washington Ave and Bethlehem Pike.

    This has mostly been reported before but appears to be escalating.

  • 1803 Twining Rd Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania 19090 - Abington Townhip

    Missing 25 mph sign. Has been missing since around the
    time frame March to May of 2017. This sign disappeared
    around the time another 25 mph sign appeared closer to
    Welsh Rd. A possible reason for moving it could have been
    that there is another sign still in place just south of Dale
    Rd (in the same direction, toward welsh Rd).

    If two signs were viewed as overkill, In my opinion it would
    have been better to move the 25 mph sign south of Dale Rd
    to the new location.

    A 25 mph sign just north of Dale Rd while still reinforcing
    the speed limit for motorists going northbound from south
    of Dale Rd, also establishes 25 mph as the speed limit
    for motorists who cut thru Willow Manor to Twining Rd.

    Moving of the 25 mph sign around 1803 Twining Rd is just
    speculation on my part, since I always thought it was rather
    redundant. Either way, If possible I would like the 25 mph
    sign replaced.

  • 325 Pennsylvania Ave Fort Washington, PA, 19034, USA - Fort Washington
    During morning peak hours 7-815pm, especially parents dropping of kids at GA or people heading to work, jump the Summit Ave and Fort Washington Ave red light or moving from right lane to left lane at the light without giving any concerns for the traffic that is already waiting. This has been an ongoing problem for many months, most of the time this is causing unnecessary minor accidents or road rage issues or honking! Would highly appreciate if we could have some monitoring between 7 - 8.15am at these junctions.
  • Ordnance 1081 Archived
    Ayr Lane Dresher, Pennsylvania - Abington Townhip
    Leaves in street
  • 3235 Lenape Dr Dresher 19025, United States - Upper Dublin
    Does the township give out free “drive slow” or similar signs for homeowners to place on their yard?
  • 580 Virginia Dr Fort Washington, PA 19034, USA - Fort Washington
    the street light in front of our house on 1411 wynnemoor way (corner of Warden and wynnemoor way) is not functional.
  • 106 N Bethlehem Pike Fort Washington, PA, 19034, USA - Upper Dublin
    Intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Bethlehem Pike where there is a left only turn lane and right only turn lane. Cars on Pennsylvania Avenue heading towards Bethlehem Pike and in the right turn only lane cut in front of the cars making a left turn onto Bethlehem Pike in the left turn only lane. It is particularly bad weekday mornings between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Please have law enforcement posted at this corner to prevent an accident, especially one involving children on their way to school. (I have a photo of the car that cut my teenager (and siblings) off this morning, if you want it.)
  • 1626–1632 Dreshertown Rd Dresher 19025, United States - Upper Dublin
    Water is constantly seeping onto the road in this area. It is now totally frozen over. It needs to be salted on a regular basis when temps are freezing until source of water is fixed.
  • 1639 Fort Washington Avenue Maple Glen, Pennsylvania - Maple Glen
    Excessive speeding and aggressive driving is happening during rush hour morning and afternoons. Heavy amounts of cut-thru traffic occurring. Large construction vehicles such as dump trucks and semis have been seen using this route. Please address.
  • 1380 Pinetown Rd Fort Washington PA 19034, United States - Fort Washington
    Large tree overhanging Pinetown Road has died. It is disintegrating now an immediate danger to every car cyclist and pedestrian that passes beneath it