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This area has people watching and reporting. We will take back our community from those that choose to disrespect it.

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  • 1200 Kaighn Ave Camden, NJ, 08103, USA - Camden
    these lights have been out for months now. These are near a congested intersection. At night, pedestrians are most difficult to see and since they think they have the right of way on occasion walk right out without looking. These two lights need to be fixed stat. This one at the corner and the one just east of it on the same side of the street.
  • 1140 Kaighn Avenue Camden, New Jersey - Camden
    This is another active dumping spot along the Patco rail route behind 1140 Kaighn in Bainerd Alley. This has become a haven for ferrel animals and wild animals as well as other vermin. The City knows about it and it needs to be cleaned up once and for all.
  • 1211 Louis Street Camden, New Jersey - Camden
    Some contractor has been sending geezers around the neighborhood placing their trash from buildings they are "rehabbing" , behind houses and in alleys wherever they can; so the contractor does not pay to have it hauled away. PITA
  • Trash, Archived
    1207 Louis St Camden, New Jersey - Camden
    a homeless indidvual has left 2 overflowing shopping carts at Cohn Alley and Louis St. This is now the second day and that junk has been strewn further. Fire and Health hazard if nothing else.
  • 1211 Louis St Camden, New Jersey - Camden
    In the alley here (Cohn Alley) renovators are dumping their construction debris. Here in black contractor bags and across the street the same. Note the building 1215 Louis has recently been gutted by someone who apparently purchased it.,+Camden,+NJ+08104/@39.9314177,-75.1048492,3a,75y,109.57h,86.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sNuOCYhQRyA6Sx-FosiCAHQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c6c9202a83531f:0xd18b3d48d99ac894!8m2!3d39.9314703!4d-75.1050179?hl=en Similar type of debris has been dumped.
  • 1199 Kaighn Ave Camden, NJ, 08103, USA - Camden
    Apparently, some one is illegally removing catalytic converters from several vehicles over the past week or more.
  • 1200 Kaighn Ave Camden, New Jersey - Camden
    Traffic control is needed in this area. Vehicles traverse through here sometimes at highway speeds. There are numerous accidents at this intersection and there was even a pedestrian fatality here in the past few years. It can be daunting crossing the street by foot and even by vehicle. Controls should include yellow flashing signs on Kaighn Ave in this area both East and West and similar on Louis St North and South