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Cabq Parking Enforcement

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  • 101-199 Tijeras Ave Ne Albuquerque, NM, 87102, USA - Broadway Central

    I am submitting this inquiry to the CABQ 311 Hotline regarding the ongoing issues of trash and human feces under walking way/path along southside City's Convention Center; located on the one-way at Tijeras Ave., just west of Commercial Ave.
    Many State and local business employees in the vicinity utilize this walk way daily, not to mention of the many tourists who also use that walk way when park at the Convention Center Parking.
    Many of NMED Staff and myself have continuously called 311 Hotline to address our concerns, with no resolve.

    I as a long time Native of Albuquerque and an advocate of my home two write to you today to assert my concerns and kindly ask that you please have Planning and Zoning evaluate this particular area for the ownership and responsible parties for clean-u oa this area neglected. Please see the attached pictures.

    Thank you
    311 Hotmail Reference numbers per the complaints above:
    • 171205-000750
    • 190328-002064

  • Union Square St Se & Gold Ave Se Albuquerque, NM, 87102, USA - Huning Highland Historic District

    Back in September 2019, a report was made concerning an unsafe, illegal sidewalk outside the Union Square Building Downtown. The report "closed" with the following "resolution":

    As per 311 - #190831-000165 an inspector assigned to visit site and report - Edgesoft racking #2019030519CSR

    Following up to answer the following, lingering questions: What did the inspector report? What is being done based on the inspector's report?

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    100 First St Sw Albuquerque NM 87102, United States - Downtown

    Reference to case #200803-002836. Opening my own ticket, for my ride on the Albuquerque public bus; Albuquerque bus system endangering my life and the lives of others also...

    [my comment from case #200803-002836; “I’m not surprised at all. On Jul. 16, 2020 I took the #10 bus south from Raymond Sanchez community center at 4:46 pm. The bus driver wore his mask around his neck/under chin the entire time and he aloud non mask wearing people on the entire ride to ATC; 30+ minute ride(?), all on video. If I had thought of using this app at the time, I would have done it. Thank you for reporting; we/i know that reporting this type of dangerous and selfish behavior is possible via 311 app now.”]

    I have had a major heart attack in the past; 100% blockage of the main artery/LAD (or what they call a “Widow Maker” heart attack). I don’t drive anymore, I ride the bus on occasion and this type of neglectful behavior by the Albuquerque city bus drivers is reckless and literally life threatening at this point and time.

    Mask wearing IS mandatory, especially on public transportation; this needs to be addressed.

    The bus drivers need to be held accountable for spreading this virus. They need to do their job/part and stop allowing this virus to spread.

    City of Albuquerque, please make our transit SAFE.

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    311 Gold Ave Sw Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA - Downtown
    Missing trashcan in front of 311 Gold SW
  • 301 Keleher Ave Nw Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA - Downtown
    trash is continuously dumped here because the city has neglected to pick up extra parking cement and illegal tree trash that is continuing to pile up. this will be the fourth report that I've made and it will probably be closed as completed just like the other three with nothing being done. 311 people can you tell me if I'm doing something wrong????
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    713 Central Ave Nw Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA - Downtown
    There is a broken sprinkler head that has been this way for over a month and a half. Water Authorities have been notified 311 has been notified four different times and still no results.
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    600 Second Street Nw Albuquerque, New Mexico - Downtown

    Thank you for providing the 311 online service. I have several suggestions to improve the web site::

    1) The new, redesigned "Web App" page is mostly white space. The map is quite small and really needs to be larger if you are using a PC.
    2) The Search field still does not seem to work. I have tried various search terms with different web browsers.
    3) The only way I can get the markers to load on the map is by closing the box that says, "Drag Red Marker to Define the Location." I discovered this by accident--it might be helpful to mention this so that people can see if an issue has already been submitted or not, especially since the Search function doesn't seem to work.

    Thank you.

  • 400 Marquette Ave Nw Albuquerque, NM, 87102, USA - Downtown
    Why does the Address input default to places in Texas, etc., but not default to ABQ when the page is clearly labelled ABQ311?!! And it's hard to override.
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    Art - West Downtown Station Albuquerque, NM 87104, USA - Huning Castle
    The West Downtown ART station needs a few repairs. The 311 and 911 buttons dont work and need to be fixed. The monitors connected above the station dont work but only one does. We need the monitors to work so they can be helpful for when the next bus is coming.
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    5 Chacon Pl Nw Albuquerque 87104, United States - Plaza Vieja
    The incidence of Trash at the north entrance of Tiguex Park across the street from Explora and science museum‘s has been reported numerous times. While the plastic trashcan is emptied, the receptacle that holds the plastic trashcan constantly remains. I have called 311 many times sent pictures to the 311 app and nothing seems to be done. Does it take a call to the TV stations to get something simple like this fixed.
  • 815 7th St Northwest Albuquerque, New Mexico - Downtown
    A homeless camp has developed in the back of the utility access alley at 815 7th St. NW. The ABQ police cleaned up the camp and successfully relocated the individuals living in the alley today (3/7/19). The police asked us to file a report with ABQ311 to request that the city clear out all the debris/weeds/scrubs and put gravel down in the alley to signal that it is regularly used by homeowners and utilities, and is not suitable for camping/shelter. Call Ben Warner at 505 208 1511 if you would like further details.
  • security lock Archived
    Albuquerque City Hall 400 Marquette Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87102, USA - Downtown
    Per Lt. Graham, I'm to put in a 311 call to have a security lock changed from a # code to a card swipe. This is on the 3rd floor of City Hall, Suite 3010.