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  • 249 Holly Ave New Westminster V3m 0b3 Canada - New Westminster
    Hard to see people and children crossing over to Red Boat park. Please maintain all beds in Port Royal neighbourhood. They are over run with horse tail and tall grass
  • 303 Boyne St New Westminster, BC V3M 5C1, Canada - New Westminster
    Unsafe left turns throughout Ewen Avenue due to island. Small trees and bushes planted within the island block view of oncoming traffic.
  • 220 Campbell Street New Westminster, British Columbia - New Westminster

    Dear Kanny,
    I’m writing to review my visit in January 2018 with you at city hall when I stopped in to show you a video of my concerns on Ewen Street.
    At the time I had identified several concerns related to safety of pedestrians crossing Ewen street.
    1. Lack of visibility due to too many turn signs
    2. Lack of visibility due to the yellow and black signs being to big and too many
    3. Sight lines of pedestrians were restricted due to cement barriers
    4. Sight line of pedestrians restricted due to choice of plant and shrubs on the corners and boulevards.
    From our conversation you mentioned a few items
    1. Industry standards for signage
    2. Vegetation being identified as a problem
    3. Follow up evaluation would be conducted with the engineers sometime in the next few weeks of our meeting
    4. Improvements to be suggested for the west side of Ewan.
    I heard only recently that there was a pedestrian hit on the East side of Ewan in June. I’m also aware of one accident that totaled a car as someone tried to turn left on to Ewan. Hopefully you have more stats on the other incidences that I am not aware of.

    You can appreciate my concern as school will be starting in the next week, the rain has started and the days are getting shorter.

    When I compare the vegetation this year to last year I do not see any improvements to the sight lines for the cars and pedestrians. I expect this would have been the easiest and most cost efficient improvement that could have been made by the city to ensure safety. The signage is obscuring visibility and I would hope safety would come before industry standards as there are too many turn signs and reflectors on Ewen from the Community Centre to the Street lights going East..Please look at the photo's 1-3 in order to see how easily a child in grade 3 could be hit. You can not see her in picture 1 and 2.
    (looks like I can only upload one picture please respond for more pictures from today)

  • Potholes Archived
    430 Duncan St New Westminster, BC V3M 5G3, Canada - New Westminster
    poor paving work has collapsed into a series of potholes and rough roadbed. extremely dangerous especially at night because the area is poorly lit. drivers slam on the brakes to avoid damage. Also, the road width has recently been reduced so cars swerving to avoid potholes end up in oncoming traffic
  • Other Archived
    202 Salter St New Westminster, BC V3M 5B2, Canada - New Westminster
    Where are the cross walk signs
  • 430 Duncan St New Westminster, BC V3M 5G3, Canada - New Westminster
    the construction has dangerously narrowed the road for any pedestrians. someone is going to get hit by a car. it's an ill lit blind corner with zero shoulder.
  • Ewen Ave New Westminster V3M, Canada - New Westminster
    Bushes between walking path and street on both sides of Holley st are so tall you can’t see oncoming cars coming on ewen ave to turn out from Holley st safely.
  • 935 Ewen Ave New Westminster, BC V3M 5L8, Canada - New Westminster
    The traffic pattern change (no right turn on red off of westbound Ewen on to Howes) needs some police enforcement. Drivers are completely ignoring the no right turn on red signs. This morning, as I was walking across the crosswalk on the east side of the intersection across Ewen (the light was in my favour, drivers on westbound Ewen had a RED light) I counted no less than 5 cars that didn't even stop for the red light. PLEASE get the police out there in morning rush hour, between 6:30-8:30 to issue some tickets and enforce the traffic rules. It's very dangerous to be a pedestrian in that intersection.
  • City Trees Archived
    722 Ewen Ave New Westminster BC V3M 5C4, Canada - New Westminster
    Can’t see oncoming traffic boulevards are out of contril
  • 225 Hampton St New Westminster BC V3M 0K2, Canada - New Westminster
    This is the walkway between Howes St lane way and Hampton St A house is being constructed but the mess is not cleaned up at the end of the day The wind blows all of this dirt around the already dusty neighbourhood
  • Ewen Ave New Westminster V3M, Canada - New Westminster
    Grass is growing out of control on city property, just wondering when the city would service this issue, tripping hazards for kids
  • City Trees Acknowledged
    Ewen Ave At Howes St New Westminster, BC V3M, Canada - New Westminster
    two trees are within a tree protection barrier yet they are being left unattended and have blackberry bushes totally taking them over :( poor trees are in full bloom under there and would make a lovely welcoming look as people enter our community if they were tended to and freed of the weeds... please help those poor trees out will you?