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  • 39105 Colorado Ave Avon, OH 44011, USA - Avon
    There is a new entrance/exit ramp from the AllPro Freight stadium and YMCA facility that opens up to Rt 611 that is an accident waiting to happen, it's right at the on/off ramps of I90 and traffic westbound should not be allowed to turn into that ramp, I've seen people try during high traffic situations and there WILL be an accident there eventually, one would think the planners of the area would have forseen such a dangerous situation.
  • 611 Avon ohio 44011 - Avon
    Light at intersection of 611 and chester only allows 3 vehicles before the light turns yellow which backs up cars and trucks dor a very long wait to turn onto 611.
  • Colorado Avenue At Route 90 Avon, OH - Avon
    The weeds on the lot just east of the McDonald's restaurant on Colorado Avenue (the one closest to the new baseball stadium) has weeds that are about 6 feet high and are not appealing to McDonald's customers. Please keep our businesses and surrounding areas attractive!
  • 37601 Colorado Ave Avon, OH 44011, USA - Avon
    I cannot even get out of my own development. I wait at the stop sign so I can turn left out of Northgate and when the traffic slows enough to go...here comes a car out of the development across the street or from the drive thru beverage! I am forced to hit the gas and turn when I normally would not with 3 kids in the car! Now add ice and tell me that this does not need to be addressed with an actual working light instead of a flashing one!! Called the city, they said it is a state route and was not their call and the state said it didn't warrant one! Have them come live with me for a week and see! I don't get it, do children have to die crossing the street or in car accidents before anyone does anything? I feel like I'm playing russian roulette whenever I pull out at that intersection!!HELP!!!
  • Jaycox Rd Avon, OH - Avon
    land and house incredibly overgrown and abandoned structures. multiple rusting vehicles, fallen trees - it is hazardous, a nuisance, an eyesore and inviting to all sources of negative activity. please address this condition SOON!
  • 36080 Chester Rd Avon, OH 44011, USA - Avon
    The road lines through out Avon are worn and barely visible. they are impossible to see at night or during poor weather where visibility is a concern anyway. Avon, please paint your road markings!
  • 38296 Colorado Ave Avon, OH 44011, USA - Avon
    Bridge on Colorado Ave (SR 611) needs repair. Potholes getting worse, patching is temporary fix with all the semis that tear it up. Please resurface.
  • 611 On Ramp Colorad Rd Just Past Chester - Avon
    The road is so bumpy here turning onto the on ramp on 611 heading west that it feels like going over the grand canyon. Completely messes up the turn and poses a hazard. Please FIX
  • Colorado Ave & Interstate 90 Avon, OH 44011, USA - Avon
    Why are they not building yet? First is was supposed to be done in 2012, now the sign says 2013.
    I hightly dought that, they haven't even broken ground yet!
    We NEED this! Along with some resturants, which I am sure this would bring....
    I would like to see a Chili's, a White Castle, just to name a few...
  • Route 611 Avon, OH 44011, USA - Avon
    This bridge is getting worse and worse and is full of pot holes!
    This bridge needs to be replaced.
    I read somewhere recently that they were going to replace the Abbe Road bridge over I-90? Why? There is nothing wrong with that bridge, the Colorado bridge needs to be done first!!!!
  • Pothole Archived
    37190 Colorado Ave Avon, OH 44011, USA - Avon
    3 ft wide. On the shoulder. Hidden by puddle. Test.
  • 808 Moore Rd Avon, OH 44011, USA - Avon

    Recently, I've found that when driving up Moore Rd and crossing Walker Rd into my neighborhood, it's been reeking terribly of chemicals - It actually smells like super glue! Yuck!

    Between this and the power plant, I cannot wait to move out of Avon Lake for my health. Other than that, I love Avon Lake!