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Dear Neighbors:

Neighborhood Watch, Block Watch, Town Watch, Crime Watch -- no matter what it’s called, this is one of the most effective and free answers to crime prevention. Watch groups are the foundation of community crime prevention and are often the stepping stones of community revitalization.

Law enforcement believes in “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” and works with groups to facilitate Block Watch programs. Block Watch brings residents and law enforcement together to improve safety and pr

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  • 601-699 Foss Ave Drexel Hill PA, 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    I notice a lot of cars are going too fast on this street. This street is a residential area and speed limit is 15 to 25 mph but why these drivers are going 35 to 40 mph? Sometime, they don't aware of young kids playing near the street. Can we have police department put up some kind of speed traps to catch the speeder. I don't want to see our kids accidentally got hit by the speeding cars. Please help keep our neighborhood safe.
  • 66-102 Drexelbrook Drive Upper Darby, Pennsylvania - Drexel Hill
    can a flat bed tow truck park on residential streets anywhere in upper darby
  • 1230 Harding Dr Havertown, PA, 19083, USA - Upper Darby
    Very loud music
  • 460 Argyle Road Drexel Hill, PA - Drexel Hill
    All street lights are out on Argyle Road. Other streets in Drexel park have lights
  • 651 Aronomink Place Drexel Hill , Pennsylvania - Drexel Hill
    Street light outside this house was blinking all night last night.
  • 630 Aronimink Place Drexel Hill (Upper Darby), Pennsylvania - Drexel Hill

    One of the tenants at 630 Aronimink Place blasts his music from his car at levels so loud it shakes our apartment next door. The noise of the bass sounds like someone banging hard and loud on something when he turns it up. The building has a parking lot on Burmont Rd across from the United Methodist Church, which is where this usually takes place.

    I have called the police. I have recorded this noise with a video camera and posted to Youtube and a blog. I have even tagged UD police on Twitter with a video well illustrating the level of this noise. I was supposed to get a phone call about it from them and never did.

    Any other suggestions on what can be done?

    Thank you.