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  • 9470 Willis Rd Willis 48191, United States - Washtenaw County
  • 9001-9923 Willis Rd Willis, MI, 48191, USA - Washtenaw County
  • Unpaved Roads Acknowledged
    10200 Railroad St Willis, MI, 48191, USA - Washtenaw County
  • Snow Removal Archived
    7800 Trotters Park St Ypsilanti 48197, United States - Washtenaw County

    I recognize subdivision roads are tertiary priorities. Simply want to put a note out there for our subdivision to not be skipped like last year.

    Whittaker Village at Whittaker and Martz. We are our own sub, with no road connecting us to any other subdivision.

  • S. Ivanhoe/Textile Area Ypsilanti Twp. ypsilanti, Michigan - Washtenaw County
    Grass and weeds on SW corner of Textile and S Ivanhoe very tall that they impede driver's ability to see when trying to turn onto Textile.
    Rhonda - 734.544.4108
  • Unpaved Roads Archived
    9062 Meridian Street Willis, MI - Washtenaw County
    Caller stated that almost all of Meridian is full of potholes.
  • Unpaved Roads Archived
    9205 Bemis Road Ypsilanti, MI - Washtenaw County
  • Snow Removal Archived
    7241 Belle Meade St Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA - Washtenaw County
    deep snow in subdivision. i understand that we are a 3rd priority to the other roads. just wanted to put this reminder here.
  • Unpaved Roads Archived
    6950 Bemis Rd Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA - Washtenaw County
    Severe potholes and rutting. Top 10 worst roads in Michigan contender. Are there plans to pave these dirt roads (Munger, Merritt & Bemis)? Few states have as many dirt roads as us...
  • 8300 Martz Rd Ypsilanti 48197, United States - Washtenaw County
    Multiple potholes in southbound lane beginning just before the bend and continuing through the bend. Dangerous for cars.
  • Snow Removal Acknowledged
    6919 Lakeway St Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA - Washtenaw County

    while I'm thankful for the service the county provides, I am disappointed on two accounts. First that I will have to repair my yard because of the miss of the curb during the last snowfall in January. In all the years of owning a home in the county and in Ypsi twp never had this issue. And of course the HOA in our sub will demand this fixed asap which isn't feasible, I'll deal with them later. but would be nice if the county would provide some assistance towards the sod costs. per bylaws I can't seed, must be sod.

    second, our HOA use to contract out plowing services, never had this issue. but according to our HOA they were told the the county that we could no longer have a private service, yet I see other subs with private snow removal service. just curious if it is actually true that subs with HOAs cannot contract out service or not?

  • Unpaved Roads Archived
    9372 East Bemis Road Charter Township of Ypsilanti, MI 48197, United States of America - Washtenaw County
    It's been a while since the road has been graded and it shows. Semis constantly use it and ruin it and the pipe line crews are tearing up the roads. Seems like we got more in funding but the repairs have went down.