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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    561-619 Selby Ave Saint Paul, MN, 55102, USA - Summit-University
    The eastbound land here has about a 20 ft section of numerous potholes; some large enough to bottom out your vehicle. This area has a repeated problem with potholes developing all year long.
  • Potholes in alley Acknowledged
    630 Laurel Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Summit-University
    Half the alley was repaired but they never returned to complete the worse half. Please repair the alley between Laurel and Ashland that is between Dale and St Albans. The west side was completed earlier this summer but the East part of the alley wasn’t touched and it’s really bad.
  • 590-596 Summit Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Summit-University
    Every car east of Dale on the south side of Summit is parked completely w/in the bike lane. If street can't be cleared properly, then parking should be banned for reminder of winter.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Concordia Ave Saint Paul, MN, 55102, USA - Summit-University
    On Concordia between Dale and Marion in St. Paul has severe potholes.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    315 Dale St N Saint Paul, MN, 55103, USA - Summit-University
    Deep potholes in the right lane of southbound Dale St. and no space to swerve to miss them in heavy traffic while going the speed limit.
  • Traffic Signals Acknowledged
    920 St Anthony Ave St Paul, MN 55104, USA - Summit-University
    Early AM hours the sensor to turn left/south or cross westward through the St. Anthony and Lexington Pkwy does not turn! I have watched the walk/don't walk signs change multiple times and do not get a green light to go.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    737 Dayton Ave Saint Paul, MN, 55104, USA - Summit-University
    4' x 8' wide hole in the road, 12"+ deep. City crews dug this hole but it could use a few cones or warning signs if they aren't going to fix it right away. Hazardous for cars as well as pedestrians, as it is in the crosswalk.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    377 Dayton Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Summit-University
    There is a large pothole surrounding a manhole cover on Dayton between Western and Virginia.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    131-169 Western Ave N Saint Paul, MN, 55102, USA - Summit-University
    There are a few very large and deep potholes near Western and Laurel. With the reduced street width it's hard to avoid them and could cause major car damage.
  • 650 Summit Ave Saint Paul, MN, 55105, USA - Summit-University

    This White Ford pickup has been parked there for at least 2 weeks (since last big snow). You can see from the snow on the tires that it hasn't moved. PLEASE TICKET AND TOW.

    This is a common problem on this stretch of Summit (the blocks directly to the east/west of Dale). All someone from parking enforcement has to do is drive by more than once a month.

  • 649 Summit Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Summit-University
    It has been parked here, untouched, for nearly 2 weeks. The last significant snow was 12/1/18
  • 377 Dayton Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Summit-University
    This intersection should have a 4-way stop. Coming from Dayton to cross or turn onto Western is VERY dangerous, as it is difficult to see vehicles coming along Western Ave N. I regularly see near-accidents, and feel unsafe as a driver when turning or crossing. Also as a pedestrian, since drivers on Western Ave N. aren't required to stop, and pedestrians end up waiting awhile.