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  • Garrett St Richmond, VA - Richmond Precinct 3
    Multiple street lights out in Carillon neighborhood - mainly Garrett St and at the entrance to the neighborhood/Rugby Rd across from the park.
  • Light is out Archived
    3106 Garrett St Richmond 23221, United States - Richmond Precinct 3
    The light in the alley blinks at night. The bulb may need to be replaced.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3213 Douglasdale Road - Richmond Precinct 3
    There is foliage and sheets of metal in the alley requiring a bulk pickup.
  • 3218 Douglasdale Rd. Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 3


    The person at 3218 Douglasdale Rd. RVA 23221 has an overgrown backyard that contains numerous amounts of Pokeweed and prickly vines. Their vines are taking over the utility and what I believe to be the power lines and numerous trees. Each year we have an overgrown alley because their overgrown yard deposits seeds into ours or their ivy and other vine like plants grow through their fence. I have reported the overgrown vines on the utility lines and Dominion said it was not the power lines (which I do not believe). I am worried that if this yard is not cleaned up with in the next year or so that trees will begin to die and utility lines will be compromised. We have been neighbors for 5 years now and the situation has only gotten worse.

  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3224 Condie Street Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 3
    Large pile of yard waste at corner of French St and Condie St. Requesting removal.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3202 Grant Street Richmond City, VA 23221, United States of America - Richmond Precinct 3
    Limbs, stumps and yard debris placed in alley behind homefor pickup.