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  • Road Issue Archived
    8139 Quail Hill Road Northeast Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    There are two temporary drives that have been created to exit large equipment from stump removal and chipping work. These cut ins to the property have blocked the north side of the road drainage ditch and caused road damage.
  • Bike Lane Archived
    North Madison Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    The bike lane on both North Madison and South Madison (as well as other places on Bainbridge) are covered with sand that Public Works spread after the recent snow storm. Although the sand is off the road, it has accumulated in the bike lane creating both safety issues and maintenance issues as that sand gets into bike gears.Please sweep the bike lane as soon as possible.
  • 8220 Quail Hill Rd Ne Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    Logging crew consistently starting machinery and work around 6am and after 7pm during weekdays and weekends
  • Police Issue Archived
    8220 Quail Hill Rd Ne Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    Have time stamped photos of tractor work at 8pm on weekedays and no dust control measures taken for neighborhood even though workers on development having to wear dust masks
  • Tree Concerns Archived
    3620 Northeast Bahia Vista Drive Bremerton, WA - Kitsap County

    Request to review dangerous tree in the ROW for removal.

    Has worked with PSE to remove lines from concerning two alder trees and would like to see about getting the trees removed.

  • Road Issue Archived
    7666 Ne High School Rd Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island

    Hi there,

    With the wonderful recent work of patching the potholes along High School road, a significant increase of gravel and other debris have accumulated in the road shoulder. This makes it difficult to bike in. Could a street sweeper please clean up both shoulders of High School Road?

    Thank you!


  • 10017 Ne Day Road Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    The surface and subsurface hydrologic systems on the Boyle/Frank property are being changed as a result of this site development project, with the potential to adversely impact offsite conditions. A seasonal drainage channel has been relocated, and impervious surface area from the new building, deck and patio areas has increased. Furthermore, the extensive changes to site grading (>50 CY) include large areas of cut and disruption below the shallow groundwater table that could also potentially change downgradient conditions offsite.
    What is the drainage plan for this site? Have designs been submitted to ensure that there will be no adverse offsite impacts? Are surface and subsurface drainage facilities being properly designed and constructed?
    A new rain garden is being designed and constructed onsite. How it will capture all of the increased runoff from the increased impervious area, particularly the patio area in the southeast corner of the property? How well is the new rain garden expected function given the extremely shallow groundwater table?
    To date, it is clear that temporary erosion and sedimentation control TESC measures have not been improperly installed and maintained. Why were silt fence BMPs allowed to be removed in May when construction activities were not yet complete? Why have unworked soils been allowed to remain uncovered on the site for more than 7 days?
    The seasonal conveyance channel on the south end of the property is a distinct hydrologic feature that ties in to adjacent properties both upstream and downstream. This channel outfalls to the roadside ditch along the west side of Sunrise Drive NE and has a contributing drainage area is approximately 4.5 acres, per previous engineering analysis. This hydrologic feature should have been noted as part of the site assessment. As part of the construction of the accessory dwelling unit at the Boyle/Frank property, the seasonal drainage channel has been relocated farther south, the channel grade has been raised, and the slope potentially altered. The relocated channel no longer properly ties in to the downstream conveyance channel on the adjacent property. This channel relocation and failure to control sediment discharge has and will continue to adversely impact offsite site conditions downstream.
    A large patio area is being constructed on the southeast corner of the lot. Is this shown on the site plans and was the increase in impervious area from the patio accounted for in the permit process? A sump pump and/or some sort of infiltration system was originally installed within the new patio area footprint. Was this shown on site drainage plans, and properly permitted and installed? Why was it dug up several weeks later, with piping altered and removed? This system was replaced by a large underground tank/cistern – was this change reported to the City? Will this change how water being handled and conveyed offsite?
    Several adverse and sustained site impacts to the adjacent downslope property that have been experienced to date as a result of site construction. These offsite impacts have included unwanted accumulation of sediment and standing water, digging of a large hole with a backhoe, and deposition of hay bales and other TESC measures - all which should be contained within the Boyle/Frank property. Additionally, the adjacent downslope property has been subjected to both tree and lawn damage. These deficiencies have not been corrected in a responsive manner. Moving forward, what measures will be taken by Boyle/Frank to ensure that ongoing adverse impacts will not be experienced offsite both during the remainder of the construction process and in the long-term, after construction is complete? If the City could clarify this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Road Issue Archived
    12420 Sunrise Dr Ne Bainbridge Island 98110, United States - Bainbridge Island
    This home has been under construction for months and has worker trucks blocking the road forcing cars to use wrong lane at a blind spot. The workers are never helping guide traffic. It is VERY dangerous. I filed a police report yesterday when they refused to watch for incoming traffic for me at 4:45 pm
  • Other Archived
    20229 23rd Pl Nw Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline

    The streetlight doesn't seem to work. The adjacent area is very dark as a consequence; with the apparent increase of car prowls this only serves to encourage that activity.

    Pole is on 23rd PL NW near the entrance to the cul de sac

  • 1271 Southwest Chawla Court Port Orchard, WA - Kitsap County

    Old Clifton – SW Chawla Ct

    Potential pot hole work being done in the area, cones in the roadway – caller’s reporting it’s a traffic hazard – KCSO request roads check for proper signage.

  • 4402 Rue Villa Street Northeast Bremerton, WA - Kitsap County

    Mr. Robinson reports that during the storm last weekend he and his neighbors had to go out and rake away leaves from storm drains on Illahee Rd that were blocked and flooding Ocean View, and also drains at All View and Rue Villa. While they were unblocking the drains they discovered that 3 signs had gotten on top of the drain grates effectively blocking them. They also found 2 other signs are blocking drainage in a stormwater system on Illahee Rd but over a ravine, before Rue Villa and just below the Illahee Shores Mobile Park. He states these signs are all over McWilliams and many other roads as well. One of the neighbors who lives on Ocean View garage flooded with water and mud.

    The signs are described as “the Lost Continent” signs, supposedly placed in the right of way by a Jim Alto who works for the Port of Illahee. The signs are now littered all over the place.

    Please contact Mr. Robinson with your conclusions.