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  • Post Office-Leavenworth 960 US-2, Leavenworth, WA, 98826, USA - Leavenworth

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  • Sidewalk Archived
    4823-4995 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd Se Issaquah, WA, 98029, USA - Issaquah
    There needs to be a sidewalk here, from the corner of SE 48th St to the existing sidewalk near the intersection of Issaquah Pine Lake Rd and Issaquah Fall City Rd. This is very dangerous without a sidewalk and more and more people, and kids especially, are using this road (in photo) to get from our neighborhoods up to the shops and stores in the Issaquah Highlands. And they end up walking and biking right next to cars and trucks. I highly recommend a visit so you can see how narrow and dangerous it is. As you can see, there is a steep hill right next to the road so there is nowhere for pedestrians to go except the road. I am concerned someone is going to get hurt. And summer is about to be here which will mean more pedestrians and danger.
  • Camping Acknowledged
    South 144th And Tukwila International Boulevard Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    There are some people camping out under the trees near the bus stop at South 144th and Tukwila International Blvd. One has a Chais lounge chair and another has strung up a hammock. According to Seattle Times, the Mayor has closed many homeless sites and sending them down our way to Tukwila. Is someone going to stop this or not?
  • 800–822 231st Pl Ne Sammamish WA 98074, United States - Sammamish
    Cars are dangerously and improperly parked along 231st place NE and sometimes very close to the main intersection which is a safety issue especially while turning from NE 8th Street Many time we have almost crashed into these cars when turning
    These cars are always parked and occupy part of 231st Place NE road making it difficult for cars to pass
    A review of this request and restricting parking on this public street will be greatly appreciated
  • 2421 244th Ave Ne Sammamish WA 98074, United States - Sammamish
    Kids from the community Astera in NE 24th St/244th Av NE have the school bus stop at NE 25th St/244th Av NE. They have to access the stop without a sidewalk for about 50 ft. Requesting for a sidewalk for the safety of pedestrians.
  • 1836 Ne 170th St Seattle, WA, 98155, USA - Shoreline
    we have seen an increase in speeding drivers down our residential street. It is 25mph, yet we see people going anywhere from 35-95mph. we requested a speed cart at one point, and other neighbors have as well. It is getting worse and worse. we need speed bumps or a stop sign or a roundabout to slow people down. we have kids and no sidewalks and lots of people on bikes and walking. One neighbor actually got hit while walking by a speeding car (they are fine, just brushed them) we are at 18th and 170th NE
  • Graffiti Archived
    4105 Ne Fourth St Renton WA 98059, United States - Renton
    Graffiti on top of graffiti now there for well over a week. Some tags say BKLN some X3 Can anything be done to encourage Walgreens to clean off their sign?
  • 14008 42nd Avenue South Tukwila, WA 98168, United States of America - Tukwila
    If you are heading westbound on 140th and you stop at the stop sign you can not see past a white four runner on the corner 142nd facing northbound. There is not enough room to see oncoming traffic (heading northbound and they can not see crossing traffic coming westbound). Please make this a no parking area as there are many accidents at this intersection and it is a hazard to all citizens driving. Thank you
  • 2645 242nd Ave Se Sammamish, WA 98075, USA - Sammamish
    traffic on 242nd goes too fast. at the intersection (SE 26th Pl) where road has a steep down/uphill it also creates a blind spot. Our neighborhood has many small children playing. The blind spot plus speeding traffic is dangerous. Kindly help address the situation asap.
  • 34210 38th Pl Sw Federal Way, WA, 98023, USA - Federal Way
    Tenant has number of yard junk and debris throughout the property
  • 14401–14589 51st Ave S Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila
    Big camper
  • Salaama 13820 Tukwila International Blvd, Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila
    Cars parked on sidewalk again it never stops I almost hit a child on a bike because sidwalk was blocked so he chose the street. This happened at approx. 2:40 PM today.
    Do something to stop this permenantly before someone gets hurt real bad or even killed.
    If I wasn't driving I would of taken a picture or even video of the child on bike.