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North Deering

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  • 26 Havertys Way Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    Rock and Sedimentation fill at Haverty Pond, disturbance of existing culvert, bridge removal, in Wetland Protected area, NRP Tier I and National Audubon protected areas
  • 27 Georgia St Portland 04103, United States - Portland
    Two street lights at the circle are not working anymore. There is damage to one light that has been there for a very long time and seems to be duck taped? Not sure if that is causing the problem? Lights at 27 & 28 georgia st.
  • Tree - Down Archived
    420 Palmer Ave Portland, Maine - Portland
    Residence has a large tree in front yard with a sizable limb breaking away from the trunk. Under the weight of the snow, is now sticking out into the line of walking on the sidewalk and is a safety hazard now. I have hit my head twice while walking the dog. Also at risk of breaking away from the tree at any time and could cause serious injury by falling on someone. Residence is not resolving.
  • Other Archived
    1905 Washington Ave - Portland
    Ditch between 1881 and 1905 needs maintenance/mowing. Ditch is overgrown and plugged, therefore flooding.
  • Other Archived
    1938 Washington Ave Portland 04103, United States - Portland
    This is the island at the corner of Washington Avenue extension and Riverside Street. That big ugly pile of wires coming off the pole is some utility company’s responsibility. It’s been there for years. I can’t imagine that it’s safe, but even if it is, it looks like hell, and I’m sick of looking at it, and since it’s right outside if my house, I look at it everyday as I leave and return.
  • 85 Lester Dr Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    Light directly across from 85 Lester Dr is out. There is no number on the pole but the pole has a slow children at play sign.
  • 80 Ballpark Dr Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    The street light at our address has been out for several days now. The pole lists the number 30. It is the last street light on Ballpark between # 80 and 74. I know winter is tough and snow is on the way. We'd appreciate having it repaired when possible - perhaps later on a mild day. Thank you.
  • 2028 Washington Ave Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    Property has installed a fence that is against code. The fence is 6ft in height all the way to the road and does not step down to 4ft for the front yard. It poses a potential safety issue with cars pulling out of driveways onto the busy Washington Ave Ext. Other homes in the area comply with the code.
  • 74 Ballpark Dr Portland ME 04103, United States - Portland
    Street lights 30 and 31 on Ballpark Dr have been out for over 2 months It appears these were acknowledged from another report on 1/28/22. Since then another light has gone out so I'm pressing the refresh button They are the last two lights on the street so there is approximately 200 yards of zero street visibility I would also like to request that the city consider adding one additional light at the very end of the street There is a major gap in lighting the stretches to the dead end
  • Havertys Way Portland, Maine, 04103 - Portland
    The two street lights closest to the mailboxes which signify beginning of private road have been out for 3 months and multiple tickets filed, please repair/replace bulbs
  • Pothole Archived
    110 Davis Farm Rd Portland ME 04103, United States - Portland
    Three potholes in a 250 foot stretch at this location
  • Glass on road Archived
    198 Lambert St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    There was an accident two weeks ago at the intersection of Lambert and Washington Ave Ext. There is still glass on the road.