Hammonton Highway Department

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  • Cart Request Archived
    365 Valley Ave Hammonton, New Jersey - Hammonton
  • 39 S Chew Rd Hammonton, New Jersey - Hammonton
  • 200 Lakeview Drive Hammonton, New Jersey - Hammonton
    requesting the one free 20 gallon bucket that said to be entitled to per year. found on the ACUA calendar for Hammonton.
    house is on the corner of Lakeview and Poplar.
  • Cart Request Archived
    508 Bellevue Avenue Hammonton, New Jersey - Hammonton
    I would like to request a recycling cart and trash cart. Thank you.
  • 799 Bellevue Avenue Apt 2., Hammonton/Atlantic, NJ - Hammonton
    Please replace bucket for Apt. 2 on the Elvins Avenue side of the property. The original bucket has a hole in it. Thank you.
  • Cart Request Archived
    415 South Liberty Street Hammonton, New Jersey - Hammonton
    I'd like to request a recycling bucket. Thanks!
  • 430 13 St hammonton, New Jersey - Hammonton
    Request new bucket
  • 500 West 15th St hammonton , NJ - Hammonton
  • Bellevue Ave Hammonton, NJ 08037 - Hammonton
    due to road work last month they left a bumpy hump and dip that causes people to go around from hitting it that whole road needs to be fixed, it is causing alot of aliment problem with my car and other cars please fix and along with other roads in Hammonton.
  • 49-123 U.S. Route 30 Hammonton, NJ 08037, USA - Hammonton
    Deep pot hole on the White Horse Pike( TD Bank) , in Hammonton.
  • Cart Request Archived
    Apt A 851 9th Street Hammonton/Atlantic, New Jersey - Hammonton
    Brand New Apartment, registered with town last year but was never given a recycle toter which every resident got one for free
  • 22 Allen Lane Hammonton, New Jersey - Hammonton
    We have a large family and leave
    additional cans on the street