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Riverview Road

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  • Tree Issues Archived
    Sunset Hill Rd Gloucester 01930, United States - Gloucester
    A tree is blocking the fire road up to Poles Hill from the Riverview Rd side.
  • Pothole Archived
    8 Riverview Rd Gloucester, MA, 01930, USA - Gloucester
    There are several potholes on Riverview Rd from number 7 to number 10 Riverview.
  • Pothole Archived
    19 Riverview Rd Gloucester 01930, United States - Gloucester
    Potholes that you need a mule to climb out of !
  • 40 Riverview Rd Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Riverview Rd is overwhelmed with potholes. There are several places where it's impossible not to drive into one. The worst place is just before the end of the loop. One has to literally zigzag the whole street.
  • 52 Riverview Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Light near 52 Riverview Rd has been out for a while
  • Brush Archived
    27 Wheeler St Gloucester, MA 01930, USA - Gloucester
    The brush/weeds at the end of Wheeler Street, where it intersects with Washington Street, needs cutting. Merging onto Washington Street has become very difficult. Brush removal should go back 100' or more to provide ample sight lines.
  • Riverview Rd Gloucester, MA, 01930, USA - Gloucester
    Riverview Rd Christmas trees where not picked up
  • Other Archived
    27 Wheeler Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    An old Fire Department call box wire is hanging down on the corner of Wheeler Street and Riverview Road. National Grid was initially called and they informed us that it wasn't their responsibility. The wire is quite close to the road and there is a school bus stop across the street. The wind keeps blowing the wire around into Riverview Road.
  • 8 Riverview Rd Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    When the catch basin in front of my house was replaced a few months ago, the city did not pitch the road correctly for the water to actually flow into the basin. Instead, every time it rains or snow melts, a lake forms in my driveway.