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  • Francis Case Memorial Bridge Washington, DC 20024, USA - US Congressional District DC98
    Graffiti on the Exit 3 sign in the gore point, and on the 3 signs located on the 12th St Expressway offramp on the right side (12th St Keep Left Sign, D St/L'Enfant Promenade sign, and on the blue pictogram sign behind that).
  • Roadway Signs Acknowledged
    I-395 N Washington 20024, United States - US Congressional District DC98
    The exit 3 sign to 12th St. needs to say exit only drivers always go up to the exit then realize they have to get over causing major traffic jams every day. We need to notify drivers that the far right lane is an exit only lane.
  • Roadway Signs Acknowledged
    325 P St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    No parking sign needs to be re-installed. bring a hammer or something.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    500-1301 N St Sw Washington 20024, United States - South West
  • 900 Maine Ave Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    literally everything. All of Maine Ave in front of the Wharf is like the wild west. People double parking in rush hour, illegal u-turns, dropping off passengers in the middle of intersections, light timing. it's all bad and needs re-evaluated. Maybe traffic officers directing traffic. Have some traffic officers dedicated to writing tickets. My God, it shouldn't take me an hour to get from the MLK memorial to 7th street SW.
  • 1180-1198 4th St Sw Washington, DC, 20024, USA - South West

    HELLO AGAIN. This case was closed recently with a note that there would be study conducted to determine the time for a green light. Well, this morning the amount of time for the green light is 11 seconds. That's much less than the 15 that was originally reported. Who did this? It needs to be increased, not decreased.

    Thank you.


    The amount of time for the green light in the northbound lanes of 4th Street SW has diminished from 21 seconds to 15 seconds. Can we please add more time so more cars can cross M Street? When a car is turning right onto M Street and pedestrians are in the crosswalk, there is time for only one car (if that) to go through the intersection. Thank you.

  • 410 O St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    Two Vans have been illegally parked at the center of a No Parking Zone Circle all day. a blue pickup truck is also illegally parked along the circle curb.
  • 525 Water St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    Vehicle in no parking anytime zone
  • 4th St Sw & O St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    illegally parked bus in residential area no parking Zone
  • 434 O St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    graffiti on park bench in Waterfront Park on pedestrian-only path perpendicular to the water
  • Waterfront Station 399 M St SW, Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    the walk light is facing the wrong direction on the northwest corner of 4th and M SW.
  • 470 O St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    cars parked in traffic circle, please ticket