Lorna Vasapollo

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Area constantly has trash and debris all over ground.

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  • 50 N Main St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    Perkins Park is still being over run with homeless. These photos were taken at approximately 11AM on Friday, July 13th. People hanging all over the Civil War Memorial monument, people laying/sleeping on the grass, clothes hanging on the fence. Trash and garbage strewn throughout. :( I have seen BPD shooting people out at night, but more needs to be done during the daytime please.
  • Frederick Douglass Ave Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    Heading to Prova and passed the entrance to the Hotel Grayson and smelled and saw human feces and trash in the doorway.
  • City property Archived
    97 W Elm St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    The B building of the old Brockton high school looks absolutely horrid everything at the base of it is overgrown and filled with poison ivy it is such an eyesore and I reported it multiple times with no result... something needs to get done!
  • Health Issue Archived
    2 L Street Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 2
    the back stairwell area of the Grayson hotel is used all day long as a spot to sit drug and drink and sleep , they use the sidewalk and entry way of the neighbor buildings as a place to @#$% and @#$% .. Large amount of trash attractin rats and disease
  • Health Issue Acknowledged
    27 Westgate Dr Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 7
    Please have someone do a full health inspection at Moe’s Southwest Grill. I noticed they had fruit fly traps filled with flys right next to their salsa station in addition this didn’t necessarily curb the fly issue. The overall cleanliness at this location is questionable and I don’t believe staff is washing their hands or sanitizing food prep area suggested through ServSafe protocol.
  • Health Issue Archived
    54 N Main St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    Photos taken August 2nd about 2PM. Clothing hanging on the fences, trash and debris on the ground, people seeming to be under the influence of something laying on the ground, etc... NOT A DESIRABLE LOOK FOR THE DOWNTOWN NORTH OF THE CITY!
  • 637-648 Summer Street Brockton, MA - Ward 2
    I went for a walk on Monday 8/20 and I went past an abandoned building on Summer Street in Brockton, and there was a smell coming from it. As long as I can remember there has never been anything in this building in all of the years I have driven past it, but this particular day was my first time walking past it. I had to run a little bit just to escape the smell that came from it. It was sort of a musty/moldy smell. The building on the left of it is also vacant, and may also contribute to the smell. I live a little ways from it, but the smell can't be good for the neighboring homes. The building is somewhere between 637 and 648 Summer Street according to Google Maps. I took some photos from the Google maps site on my computer to attach to this. The building has a for sale sign in it, which makes me think that someone owns it but doesn't clean it. Might be nothing, but I was concerned. Thanks.
  • 11 Lexington Street - Ward 1
    Every night cars playing extremely loud music and smoking marijuana. No respect for neighbors or their property. They eat and throw their empty food containers, bottles,and such on the street and on peoples property.Disgusting, Aggravating
  • 438 Ash St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    438 Ash Street is being used as a homeless shelter for woman and children, there is no running hot water, the mattresses are soiled with urine. mouse traps in the refrigerator, tools around the house and an infestation of ants.
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care 126 Warren Ave, Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 2
    If the police dept is looking for some pocket change - they should set up shop near Keith School between the Law office and Firestone. Everyone seems to be going left on red at the light there. Had an outraged woman flipping out behind me honking because I refused to blow the light. Either that or change the signal because no one seems to be adhering to the no left on red light rule there.
  • 10 North Main Street Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 2
    at approx. 8:30pm this evening driving on N. Main street the, fire dept. was assisting a person in front of Perkins park, PITCH black area, 2 street lights out at the parking lot at irving's hdwe and next to that one in front of statue at perkins park (side by side) on N. Main street, the sidewalks filled with the homeless just walking across the street they can hardly be seen by drivers because it is SO SO DARK, that area needs to be ILLUMINATED to prevent the pedestrians who DO NOT pay attention crossing the street in front of cars.from being run over.
    THANK YOU, concerned citizen of Brockton
  • 13 Elmside Road Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 1
    13 Elmside Road has trash, sofas, mattresses and all kinds of junk in the front yard. Please do something. It makes the neighborhood look like a slum.