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  • 468-478 Whitney Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Very loud motorcycles drive down Whitney Avenue many times per day, and sometimes in the middle of the night, revving their engines, accelerating as fast as they can, and generally making much more noise than necessary. This aggressive and obnoxious behavior is hugely disruptive to what is otherwise a peaceful residential neighborhood. Is there any possibility of enforcing noise ordinances?
  • Everit Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    There are many trees on the long block of Everit Street that are very sickly -- covered with brown, shriveled leaves. They are all the same type of tree.
    Can someone investigate so the trees don't die?
  • Signs Archived
    438 Whitney Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Prospect Hill
    This Saturday I removed SEVEN advertising signs (all for a supposedly cheap TV, phone, and Internet service provider) from utility poles at 400 Whitney Avenue, 438 Whitney, 443 Whitney, 450 Whitney (Bethesda Lutheran Church), 611 Whitney, and two other locations on Whitney. The signs were all posted in violation of New Haven regulations. It would be helpful if Public Works or the Police Department would call the phone number on these signs, 860-869-0284, and tell the company that signs are not allowed to be posted on utility poles. Perhaps the advertiser will get the message. The signs are visual clutter.
  • 2-90 Sheffield Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Prospect Hill

    I am in wheel chair and I catch public transportation. Today, when I was trying to get on the bus, there was too much snow on the curb and the handicap access ramps on the curbs for the bus to be able to lower the handicap accessible ramp, for to be able to mount with my wheel chair. When the driver tried to lower the ramp, because of the snow, there was a gap of about an inch or so. This is very unsafe for me, as well as other citizens. Please address this immediately. My concern today was at the bus stop I was at; however, this is happening all over the city. There has to be a better and safer system, to protect all the city's citizens, in times of inclement weather.

    Also, when it rains the water pulls at the end of the parking lot and drains into the bus stop. When the temperature is at freezing levels, this area turns into an ice rink. If I go over the curb to reach the bus, I can lose control of my wheel chair and slide directly into oncoming traffic.

  • 750 Whitney Ave New Haven 06511, United States - Prospect Hill
    Drivers are speeding down Whitney. This includes bunches of motor bikes. They don’t stop at stops and overtake cars. It is very dangerous. Please do something to slow them down
  • 570-78 Whitney Ave New Haven 06511, United States - Prospect Hill
    So many cars covered with snow. The law is they must be cleaned. Why don’t the police enforce this? It’s a serious hazard
  • 236-246 Canner St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - East Rock

    I'm a concerned father of a child that goes to a New Haven Public School. I must say, it is highly concerning to me, that we, our city, is so limited with School Crossing Guards. There are many schools around the city that actively have no School Crossing Guards, crossing our children. With such an increase in our city children getting hit by cars, one would think the Director of Transportation would think it is of precedence to protect our young children. Doug Hausladen, what do you think you are doing? This is A PUBLIC OUTCRY!!! AN INCREDIBLY HUGE SAFETY CONCERN!!! WE DEMAND ACTION. We, collectively, should take these complaints to our Alderman and make Mr. Hausladen take action!


  • Linden St & Whitney Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - East Rock
    Since normal traffic reduces due to COVID-19, loud vehicles become more active on Whitney Avenue. The excessive noise from (modified) motorcycles and vehicles need to be addressed. The city needs to enforce a noise ordinance. The noises disrupt daily life and significantly degrade life quality in this otherwise quiet neighborhood.
  • North Side Of Ogden Street ca. 125 Ogden? , New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill
    An unbuilt lot at this location is totally neglected, and has become overgrown with a thicket of volunteer trees and weeds, to the point that it is an eyesore and obstructs the sidewalk, so that passersby must step into the street to pass the lot. The owner may live out-of-town. Is there no recourse for the City when this happens? Can the owner be fined, and/or can a lien be put on the property?
  • SNOW RELATED Acknowledged
    739 Whitney Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - East Rock
    The sidewalk at this property has not been cleared and is dangerously icy. Please ticket.
  • 345 St Ronan St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Prospect Hill
    Icy sidewalk around 345 St Ronan Street. The owners seem to be literally the only people in all of New Haven who never ever clear their sidewalk. Same thing every single time it snows.
  • 266 Canner St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Prospect Hill


    There is a tree limb which has been burned half way through by a power line that rubbed against it. The power company moved the line, but the limb remains and is going to fall on the sidewalk/Canner Street. This is a heavily trafficked pedestrians street where school children walk to several schools within a block or two of this location. PLEASE trim this limb before someone gets seriously injured. The black area in the photo is the large burned out hole in the limb.