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    215–295 Cedar Ave S Renton 98057, United States - Renton
    Tent and other structure are being put up between the freeway and sidewalk. Started as 1 and now multiple.
  • Park Issue Archived
    216 S Tobin St Renton, WA 98057, USA - Renton
    Camper has been parked here for days unhooked. the parking is 2hrs maximum.
  • 351 Park Ave N Renton, WA, 98057, USA - Renton
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    Pelly Ave N Renton 98057, United States - Renton

    Steel diamond plate lid on utility box is bent up in the air. It is in the right of way on the north side of N 1st St at the entrance of the alley between Pelly Ave N and Wells Ave N. I don’t know what utilities the box houses, or if it’s public or private.

    It’s a hazard to cars and pedestrians. I placed an orange cone over it. Please return cone to 127 Pelly Ave N after issue is resolved. Thank you.

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    149 Park Ave N Renton 98057, United States - Renton
    This painting company that is painting the PSRS building has completely blocked the alley way. I can barely get my car out from the driveway as they are also parked on the sidewalk with a truck and electric lift. Trimed (medical response) also uses this alleyway to get to there parking area. Do they need a permit to block the alley AND sidewalk??
  • 104 Burnett Ave S Renton 98057, United States - Renton
    The company next door has taken our property for their own use, and current construction project. Even though they have been told many times there is no trespassing allowed.
    They have informed us that they will continue to use our property until they are finished with their project.
  • 401-499 Garden Ave N Renton, WA, 98057, USA - Renton
    There is a fast steady leak coming from the firehydrant.
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    1604–1656 Ne Park Dr Renton 98056, United States - Renton

    Pedestrian crossing needs repainting in addition to trees being cut back and a better crossing sign so vehicles can see pedestrians.

    I was hit in a pedestrian vs vehicle accident on Monday 14th of October at 2pm. Thankfully I had no broken bones but the driver didn’t even see me.

  • Renton Ave Ext Renton, WA, 98057, USA - Renton
    I am VERY concerned about the lack of lane marking on Renton Ave North & South. This is the road that leads up to the new townhome project being built on the old Minters Nursey property.
    I had a VERY hard time seeing the temporary dots as lane markers today when I was driving in the dark and rainy conditions. That road needs to be permanently marked ASAP or there will be head on collisions going into the rainy season. Even in dry conditions the markings are not clear enough for drivers. PLEASE complete the lane markings before there is a death on that road. Thank you.
  • 218-250 Mill Ave S Renton, WA, 98057, USA - Renton
    Vegetation (pine cones and leaves) debris on sidewalk causing slippery conditions.
  • Other Archived
    1310 N 3rd St Renton, WA 98057, USA - Renton
    the alley between Garden and Meadow, near 3rd, is poorly graded near the sewage drain. as a result, a large puddle develops. the puddle cam stay there for days with no outlet.
  • Graffiti Closed
    255 Hardie Ave Nw Renton, WA, 98057, USA - Renton