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  • 1150 Timberline Place Alpharetta, GA 30005, United States of America - Alpharetta

    A portion of Timberline is starting to dip just above Tamarack Way. According to the County Water Authority, there is a large leak in the supply line to 1150 Timberline that the homeowners have not repaired. The leak is following the lines under the road then coming up in front of someone else's driveway. Until the road collapses and is impassible they can't do anything to repair the line. The county has been there at least 4 times so the homeowner is very aware of it but hasn't made repairs. Since it's past the meter the county can't fix it.

    This is a safety issue for the neighborhood. If the road collapses, people can be hurt and the expense will be great. Our school buses go down that street. If the Water Authority cannot prevent it by shutting off the water, then I am asking Alpharetta Public Safety to step in and help. We cannot wait for the road to collapse before this long term leak is fixed.

  • 5700 Windward Parkway Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta

    When we go Northbound off of the I-400 ramp, to make a left to go west to Windward Parkway, its not at all clear what the lane demarcations are as you make that left. Please consider re-striping the lanes.

  • 11301-11599 N Fulton Industrial Blvd Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    We live across the street from Ameris Amphitheater over at Maxwell Rd.
    There is a noose coming we believe from a cement plant at the back of the amphitheater’s prking.
    It sounds like a horn and it starts around 5am throughout the day waking up the neighborhood and disturbing the day.
  • 1610 Rucker Rd Alpharetta 30009, United States - Alpharetta
    I reported this issue on 11/6/2019. On the 12th Code Enforcement reported the owner was in compliance. That evening I saw the Jeep at the end of the driveway For Sale again. Today is November 22nd and at 5:50pm, it was at the end of the driveway AGAIN. How hard is it to get homeowners to comply with the residential codes of Alpharetta?
  • 3960 North Point Pkwy Alpharetta 30022, United States - Alpharetta
    Some improvement but still trash all around the dumpster.
  • 10 North South Broad Street Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    No visible display of occupancy amount. Overcrowding around 9pm to the point where no one can walk through one side of the restaurant to the other.
  • 205 Mayfield Cir Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    Major flooding from last night's storm. Water coming up near the house from small creek. This hasn't happened since 2009 and I'm very concerned. What's going on with all the retention ponds and water mitigation activities? Can someone PLEASE look into this ASAP? More heavy rain & possible hurricanes / tropical storms make this a critical time for response and action. Thank you!
  • 12580 Crabapple Chase Dr Alpharetta, GA, 30004, USA - Alpharetta
    Can we have someone come and clean up this debris? It’s been there for a little while.
  • 2200 Encore Pkwy Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    This noise complaint regards the July 23rd concert noise.
    Although I live about 3 miles away, the throbbing base noise is absurdly loud. I cannot imagine how bad it must be for people living closer. This was around 8 to 9 PM. I needed ear plugs to help me get to sleep. I get up at 4:30 AM, so I go to sleep pretty early. Why must these concerts be so loud?
  • Wills Park Alpharetta, GA, USA - Alpharetta
    It's pathetic and pitiful at this point, it's a horror to see Alpharetta neglect this issue with no guilt. I thought this was an empathetic community, apparently I was wrong on my end... I'm sorry I believed in a safe place for EVERYONE. Alpharetta's defintion of "community" is simply a racial narrative, which people of color are not welcomed. I have TONS of videos of people not social distancing. Of course though, I can't include videos in this! The baseball fields are packed, the playgrounds are full, and the frisbee golf course is overcrouwded (which is the norm). I'm beyond tired getting a hold of Atlanta ABC News, Alpharetta News, and this. You should all be ashamed that you're adding to the problem (BLM). It's heartbreaking visiting the park to see everyone happy, while the basketball court is empty. The most used ammenity. It's disrespectful, mainly [black] men used the courts. You owe a MASSIVE apology, a genuine, long one for all those who used the courts ... and of course, black people need LOTS of sorries. It's humiluating to live here, knowing that this is how Alpharetta operates, treating black people like they're lesser. You have the capacity to open the the courts, but you don't. You have no qualams that Alpharetta is racist, after this. I truly hope you are happy with yoursleves, because a lot of other [black] people are out there are suffering. You want to be pro BLM? You should be opening the courts and make EVERYONE feel welcome. I'm deeply saddened by this, I can only imagine how people who use the court feel. So good job Alpharetta, your true colors have been discovered. You accept white poeple, but not black people. You are a huge part of the racial peoblem, going on in the USA. I have given you half of summer to change, and you still haven't. All your downtown restruants are open? Everything is open, except the basketball courts. How interesting. This is no longer a friendly, family community. It's a community for white people. It's horrifying, I am so sorry for the black people facing Alpharetta's oppression. If I post this and there is no fixtures with the court (which little kids can use)!! I will continue until this change. How can you hear, see, and view black people as people when this is how you treat them?
  • Old Roswell St & Roswell St Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    Hi there, at the intersection of Roswell and Old Roswell there is a crosswalk I use everyday that is very dangerous and ineffective. There are pedestrian warning signs that light up when a pedestrian pushes the button to cross but it is extremely dim and unless it’s pitch black outside no cars can see the lights. Also it does not make sense to have the crosswalk on the one side since the pedestrian has to go against traffic walking past Made restaurant into the public parking lot. It would make more sense to be on the other side where the crosswalk continues into the sidewalk in front of Made. I appreciate that there is a crosswalk and pedestrian warning lights but it is not effective. No cars stop for me unless I see a break in traffic or I start walking out, even if I’ve pressed the button. It would be great if there was a sign in the middle of the crosswalk emphasizing to stop for pedestrians or to have it similar to the crosswalk from the Smokejack side of the street to the Chiringa side of the street with the actual pedestrian stoplight. I know a lot of people use this crosswalk coming from the parking lot and the new parking deck so something needs to be done as it is very hard for cars to stop for the pedestrians. Thank you!
  • Douglas Rd & Highland Glen Dr Alpharetta, GA, 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    Is there any way to repaint the road stripes and highlight the curb especially on the downhill side of Douglas heading toward the traffic circle. When driving down this at night the headlights from the oncoming uphill cars are in your face, so you look to the stripes or reflective paint ( which isn’t there) to make sure you stay in your lane or don’t hit this curb. It’s only a matter of time until we have a head on or wreck here. Very hard to see at night here and is a dangerous situation. Any chance to get some reflective paint here?? Would try to take a pic but at night driving would be dangerous and probably wouldn’t come out good