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  • West St At Pleasant St Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 1
    West St. heading south from Pleasant St. needs a left lane ends sign where the left lane merges into right lane on West St. near Palmer St. Since last August on two occasions vehicles failed to properly merge side swiping my vehicle. My insurance company on both crashes asked if a left lane end sign was present.
  • 11 Lexington Street - Ward 1
    Every night cars playing extremely loud music and smoking marijuana. No respect for neighbors or their property. They eat and throw their empty food containers, bottles,and such on the street and on peoples property.Disgusting, Aggravating
  • 13 Elmside Road Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 1
    13 Elmside Road has trash, sofas, mattresses and all kinds of junk in the front yard. Please do something. It makes the neighborhood look like a slum.
  • 192 Braemoor Rd Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 1
    Is this a commercial auto shop? large car flatbeds (at least 2 each night). multiple cars on them overnight, every night. Very loud late at night when they bring all the cars in. road blocked by flatbeds & delivery trucks cannot get in/out. Big issue if police or fire are needed. kids can't ride bikes or play because cars cannot see past them when driving.
  • 24 Rochelle St Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 1
    Problem here was resolved once before but he's at it again. Sells cars from his single family residence. There are 5 cars parked on his property, 2 with no plates and 1 across the street at my next door neighbors
  • 292 Pearl St Brockton, MA - Ward 1
    The sidewalk across from 292 Pearl St is overgrown, forcing kids into a. Dry busy street. As school approaches, this needs to be cut back for safety reasons.
  • 105 Winnifred Rd Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 1
    This portable basketball hoop on City of Brockton property, this hoop brings kids from other areas playing in the middle of the street, they don't stop or move for cars, loitering on other peoples property, throwing trash, playing loud music, everyday after school, on the weekends and at night. I asked these kids several times to stay off my property and to pick up their trash and belongings and they are extremely disrespectful, they don't listen or care. I'm fed up with it. What do I need to do to get this hoop removed? Since this hoop is on city property if something happens wouldn't the City of Brockton be held responsible? There was an issue yesterday with a young teenage girl swearing and being disrespectful refusing to leave from in front of my house. The girl doesn't even live on this street but this is what this basketball hoop attracts.
  • Yard Debris Archived
    Pleasant St Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 1

    The Beacon Building is in need of some help.
    Last year see click fix said the owners were out of the country.

    What about this year.
    Overgrown everything, broken fences, truck parked there, trash, just a terrible eyesore

  • 107 N Pearl St Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 1
    This is a single family home in a residential zone. There is an active listing for a rental apartment on Zillow. The listing shows a kitchen in this apartment. This is not a legal use of the property. URL for listing is found here:
  • 399 Pleasant St Brockton 02301, United States - Ward 1
    Makes the gateway to the city ugly
  • 683 Pleasant St Brockton 02301, United States - Ward 1
    Old Music Central Store height is worse all around but this shows the height compared to boulder.
  • Pothole Archived
    Maxim Street - Ward 1