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  • 13 Elmside Road Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 1
    13 Elmside Road has trash, sofas, mattresses and all kinds of junk in the front yard. Please do something. It makes the neighborhood look like a slum.
  • Pothole Archived
    Maxim Street - Ward 1
  • Lane ends sign. Acknowledged
    West St At Pleasant St Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 1
    West St. heading south from Pleasant St. needs a left lane ends sign where the left lane merges into right lane on West St. near Palmer St. Since last August on two occasions vehicles failed to properly merge side swiping my vehicle. My insurance company on both crashes asked if a left lane end sign was present.
  • 24 Rochelle St Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 1
    Problem here was resolved once before but he's at it again. Sells cars from his single family residence. There are 5 cars parked on his property, 2 with no plates and 1 across the street at my next door neighbors
  • 292 Pearl St Brockton, MA - Ward 1
    The sidewalk across from 292 Pearl St is overgrown, forcing kids into a. Dry busy street. As school approaches, this needs to be cut back for safety reasons.
  • Other Archived
    West & Pleasant St. Brockton MA. - Ward 1
    There was a car accident at this location and the tow company who took the vehicles away didn’t sweep up the window glass as they should have.
  • Torrey St Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 1
    Price rite plaza, torrey st has rubbish bags, broken furnure, couches, etc dumped at donation bins. Looks horrible....its A LOT of stuff, probably need a dumpster to clean it up.
  • Other Archived
    4 Sycamore Street Brockton Ma - Ward 1
    Church services conducted every Wednesday and cars parked on both sides of sycamore street and when you come off maxim street to get to sycamore street can’t see as cars parked corner to curb on both sides, ridiculous and parking violations. 4 sycamore street is the house and they dump trash when they leave in front of my house and others. Every wed from 6 to 830
  • Pothole Archived
    Maxim Street - Ward 1
  • Pothole Closed
    Maxim Street - Ward 1
    Major potholes now from last snow storm! All the pavement put aside on street so you can see and pick up
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Maxim Street - Ward 1
    Maxim street issue with pavement has not been picked up! There are two piles of pavement that are on maxim street! Can they please be picked up before someone hurts themselves! To he left in the middle of street and to the left by sewer! To the right past first driveway ! Thank you again
  • Water/Sewer Acknowledged
    101 Bigney Ave Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 1
    house on bigney (102 I believe) has sump pump emptying into front yard and it is draining into the street. making a mess and destroying the road. drains all the way to edge mere. can you get him to divert the water elsewhere.