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  • Dumpster Acknowledged
    All Over The City Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 2
    In one day, I found 6 more dumpster violations in the city. These are in addition to the dumpster violations that I have reported to BOH and so far have not been addressed. I guess I will just keep posting since everyday I see a new violation. None of these violations are hidden; rather they are in plain site for the BOH to see. Apparently, they chose not to see the violations!!
  • 45 School St Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 2
    Mr. Craig Pina, a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, has slandered my efforts, my neighbors' efforts and the efforts of two of my city councilors for voicing our opinion at a recent public meeting concerning a proposed development on Summer Street in Campello. Mr. Pina has resorted to posting memes about elected officials and candidates for office that violate any semblance of the ethical conduct expected of a person who represents the City of Brockton. A cursory review of Facebook will uncover his disregard for the reputation of Brockton as a City of Champions. His conduct is not limited to this particular incident and will show a pattern of beahvior harmful to the City. I am requesting that the Board Chair Mr. Galligan and the Mayor investigate this matter and begin the process of removal, by first asking him to step down from the Board, and then if necessary, to have him removed. If Mr. Pina wants to exercise free speech, let him do it as a private citizen. Brockton is better than this.
  • 289 Forest Ave Brockton 02301 United States - Ward 2
    Extremely loud party with full DJ set up, including professional flashing lights. Has been reported to BPD one hour ago. Terribly loud, unneighborly music continues, blasting through closed windows 10 houses away. Our baby is screaming, cannot sleep. If the city cannot handle basic quality of life issues like this, why should people stay? This is not Middleborough with houses spread far apart. When we live in a city, we have to respect those close by, not act like no one cares no matter what we do. This particular house has repeated this behavior weekend after weekend in past summers. When will someone stop them?
  • 39 Forest Rd Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    There has been no permit displayed, they removed siding that looked liked asbestos(see photo)siding no hazmat crew was there to remove it. Why were they were wearing masks if it wasn't hazardous? Did they get a Dumpster permit?
  • Brockton Ma - Ward 2
    554 north main st. This is my second report. First report was November of ‘17 and the status is “acknowledged”. Doors are boarded up that are exits, windows, too. People are actually living here! Do something!
  • Health Issue Archived
    2 L Street Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 2
    the back stairwell area of the Grayson hotel is used all day long as a spot to sit drug and drink and sleep , they use the sidewalk and entry way of the neighbor buildings as a place to @#$% and @#$% .. Large amount of trash attractin rats and disease
  • 50 N Main St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    Perkins Park is still being over run with homeless. These photos were taken at approximately 11AM on Friday, July 13th. People hanging all over the Civil War Memorial monument, people laying/sleeping on the grass, clothes hanging on the fence. Trash and garbage strewn throughout. :( I have seen BPD shooting people out at night, but more needs to be done during the daytime please.
  • Frederick Douglass Ave Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    Heading to Prova and passed the entrance to the Hotel Grayson and smelled and saw human feces and trash in the doorway.
  • Health Issue Archived
    54 N Main St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    Photos taken August 2nd about 2PM. Clothing hanging on the fences, trash and debris on the ground, people seeming to be under the influence of something laying on the ground, etc... NOT A DESIRABLE LOOK FOR THE DOWNTOWN NORTH OF THE CITY!
  • City property Archived
    97 W Elm St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    The B building of the old Brockton high school looks absolutely horrid everything at the base of it is overgrown and filled with poison ivy it is such an eyesore and I reported it multiple times with no result... something needs to get done!
  • 125 School Street Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 2
    My son just turned 19 lives at home with me has no bills or paperwork in his name except voter registration the rmv keeps giving us issues on what we can use for proof of residency to get his mass id need help with what to do he needs his id to get his ged or a job
  • 34 School St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 2
    Touchless Carwash very loud Music after 10 pm. Trespassers park cars near resident properties at the back of lot and BLAST their hip hop music and bass. Carwash owner, City Council and other stakeholders refuse to take meaningful action against constant noise violators. Beginning to feel like if the neighborhood was whiter all parties would act decisively. Not a single citation handed out despite a noise ordinance being enforced on the west side of town.