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  • 34 Custer St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 3
    I walk by this house all the time, it's been trashed for i don't know how long.
    It's a Hazzard, there is trash, debris, broken items all over the place there.
    It's Disgusting.
  • 97 Keith Ave Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 3

    The playground is getting horrible. from profanity spray painted on bench, excuse my lanuage,,,(@#$% ME) is what is spray painted on the seat of bench. To Trash all over the place.
    Where kids and MY Daughter climbs up a little latter there are planets for kids to see, and there is a Penis and an Anus drawn within the planets. I don't need my Daughter to see these things.
    I use to bring my Oldest Daughter who is now 16 here to play.
    So, I have been coming here for a long time with my children.
    I know the city did the grounds of the playground over...

    But, it's getting worse and worse every time I come.
    Not to mention teenagers hanging around it.
    Makes me sad that I can't bring my Daughter here without this kind of bad stuff being done to it....
    I'm sure all parents want the same thing, a nice playground for their kids to play....
    Can't The City Help Fix the Park???
    Can't the Police Patrol The Park ?

  • Building inspestor Acknowledged
    37 South Street Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 3
    The house at 37 South street is a hazard to this neighborhood the front is all rotted and coming down. It is in need of some serious repairs. What a shame our Mayor is let happening to our one time Great Historic District. The facades are suppose to remain as built.
    Can someone please fix this house the right way.
  • 37 Bouve Ave BROCKTON, Massachusetts - Ward 3
    Can we PLEASE get a police patrol on Bouve Ave? The amount of drag-racing/speeding on this avenue is ridiculous-and this is a busy pedestrian area. Most kids that walk to the high school walk down Bouve and Verne, and there is a man that lives on Verne that drives about 65mph on this side street! (I will post his license plate when I screen shot my surveillance cam cloud) Also, even when the school buses are stopped on Bouve Ave, dropping kids off, these idiots STILL speed (they have to be doing at least 70mph with very loud exhausts on their cars. I really hope you can find the time and manpower to be pro-active, and not wait until someone is hit and killed. I've lived here 2 years, and my many calls have gone ignored. When something does happen, I will be sure to alert the local news stations and supply them with my logged requests for something to be done! Enough is Enough!
  • 50 Chestnut Dr Brockton, Ma - Ward 3
    Dumping grass clippings, trees and debris in stream at end of cul-de-sac on Chestnut Dr. When are they going to clean the stream?
  • 236 Westy Chestbnut Street Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 3
    The landlord at 236 west chestnut street continues to let the grass over grow. He keeps the building doors open including the garage letting wild animal harbor inside the building. Please have the city cut the over grown grass ASAP. The house and yards are an eye sore to the community. this should not happen in such a wonderful neighborhood. Thank you City of Brockton. FYI the team that clean the property up the last time did an amazing job an they very respectful and friendly. Please thank them.
  • 22 Chestnut Lane Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 3
    roof and other on driveway side and using the cellar for people living there . it is only a one family house
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    258-300 Forest Ave Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 3
    I travel several times a day on Forest Ave almost daily. With the exception of a few, most of the manhole covers have sunken to a dangerous level resembling craters and potholes. This issue was bad this spring and has only gotten worse with the addition of the freeze thaw cycles of Winter. These craters, if you will, pose a public safety hazard by forcing motorist to drive erratically to avoid them, often crossing into the other lane and not to mention the incalculable cost in front end damage by driving over them.
  • Pothole Archived
    1–29 Julie Ave Brockton 02301, United States - Ward 3
    All of Julie Ave and the street abutting it needs to be repaved NOT PATCHED. All neighbors agree and we want it done this spring I’ve replaced 5 tires since moving in last June. We pay allot of taxes here the plows tour up our streets we have counted 47 deep potholes please fix ASAP.
  • Junk Cars Acknowledged
    123-147 Market St Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 3
    This car has been sitting here for months with a left tire bring completely damaged & not drivable. Clearly it's been abandoned. It has out of state plates too. Please have it towed before it interferes with storm plowing
  • 90 Menlo St Brockton 02301, United States - Ward 3
    Dresser not picked up with trash. Landlord knows you have to call to have it picked up. It’s an eyesore sitting on the sidewalk impeding pedestrian traffic.
  • Pothole Archived
    21 W Meadow Dr Brockton 02301, United States - Ward 3
    Multiple large potholes throughout entire street, making it extremely difficult to drive down when you are trying to swerve around all the pot holes.