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  • 82 Bradley Ave Brockton, MA 02302, USA - Ward 5
    kid in his car on Bradley Ave. music and bass is really annoying..cant get my baby to sleep due to how loud his bass is rattling the neighborhood
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    61 Bradley Ave Brockton, MA 02302, USA - Ward 5
    day 4 of listening to drums being played at 61 bradley ave. just checked the police logs and there has been numerous complaints logged for noise disturbance.
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    61 Bradley Ave Brockton, MA 02302, USA - Ward 5
    every time a legitimate complaint is documented on seeclickfix for 60 bradley ave. The resident and his friends are bullying the people that make the complaint. If multiple neighbors are complaining about his drumming, to the extent that when you call the police dept. the operator is telling you its already on the board, others have already called about the "drummer", that tells me that it is not only disturbing the peace in my household but my fellow neighbors as well. The noise ordinance is 60 decibels, which means if i dont live on bradley ave, i definitely should not hear the drumming in my home. Please review all comments from the previous complaints filed on this address. He was asked nicely by a neighbor to just turn down the volume and in return both the resident and his girlfriend have made ugly comments. This is a beautiful community that works hard and just wants to not hear drumming when they are "inside their homes". We are not talking about noise we hear outside. Could the Quality of Life task force or the Mayors office resolve this. So everyone could enjoy their nights without a daily migraine from one neighbor, who has clearly stated he doesn't care if we call the police, he will continue to play. Thanks in Advance! A collaboration of neighbors thanks you.
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    54 Cairn Rd Brockton 02302, United States - Ward 5
    Fireworks have been going off for about an hour now! People are trying to sleep that have to get up early and this isn’t the time for fireworks! Have some consideration for your neighbors
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    61 Bradley Ave Brockton, MA 02302, USA - Ward 5
    young woman at this address has been frequently entering & exiting her front door yelling and arguing with other people in the house about whether or not it is cold enough for her to wear a sweater today. I work overnight at a very important job and this type of foolishness makes it difficult for an upstanding citizen of this city such as myself to get any sleep! enough is enough!
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    61 Bradley Ave Brockton 02302, United States - Ward 5
    Drumming at 61 Bradley Ave. Ongoing issue since April 30.
  • 34 Manchester St Brockton 02302, United States - Ward 5
    As soon as the O’Donnell field allowed soccer we have had years of problems
    This new season just started last weekend for practice and already there is trash mostly broken bottles all uo Manchester St and at the end of Saunders St. I drive past last Monday after a weekend of practice and the glass was everywhere 😡
    I know it’s because of soccer as I live on Saunders St and go down to Manchester St to leave my house
    It has been a problem for the last 3 years and the city just sends out parks department workers to come clean up after these players and their families without any consequences for the people who pull the permit to use this field it has been nothing but trouble for us taxpayers who live in the neighborhood.
    It is 8:00 pm. And they are still over there next to their cars and I heard a bottle breaking just now so I know it’s the players it’s not fair to us who actually live here to have slobs ruining our community
  • 46 Montello Street Brockton, MA 02301, United States of America - Ward 5
    The stone wall supporting the old colony line tracks has begun to collapse
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    36 Kingman Ave Brockton 02302, United States - Ward 5
    Plate 6zzf60, expired sticker 11/2018.
    This vehicle has sat on Kingman Ave for 4 months now and has not moved. It is parked too close to Addison Ave and obstructs the view, I almost got killed taking the corner. There must be some rule how long a car can sit like that.
    Please help. This truly obstructs traffic especially when there is another one of their cars parked adjacent to it.
    PLEASE HELP!! No joke has sat here for 4 months
  • 69 N Montello St Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 5

    There are people sleeping in the alcove area every night. Drug addicts use the space to shoot-up and prostitutes service customers in the same area almost daily.

    Earlier today, two of my employees witnessed someone entering the lower level of the building through an opened window. The building department boarded up an open window a few weeks ago and vagrants have kicked open a different one. In a few weeks it will be cold enough that people will start lighting open fires inside the building as they have in the past. Now is the time to prevent a tragedy.

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    61 Bradley Ave Brockton, MA 02302, USA - Ward 5
    plays drums in shed in backyard. spoke to 3 other neighbors because of retaliation everyone wants to stay anonymous. the drums are disruptive to at least 4 neighbors if not more between bradley ave and cairn rd. It seems like the drumming is getting louder. It just isn't consideret to others. its 7:17pm sunday evening im in my bedroom with the windows closed and all i hear is drumming. Please do something. Thank you
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    61 Bradley Ave Brockton, MA 02302, USA - Ward 5
    today is my birthday. No one from this address wished me a happy birthday.