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  • Ames Street Underpass Rr Bridge Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 6
    The residents of Ames Street area would appreciate the underpass for the Montello commuter rail on Ames street cleaned up of weeds and overgrowth ,very messy.
    Thank You
  • 57 Stephen Drive Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 6
    Issue ID: 3379030 again/still basketball hoop in street at 57 Stephen drive. All others have been removed. Thank you.
  • Bulldosers Archived
    Claremount Ave Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 6
    Why are we listening to bulldosers behind Romova Park at 6:30 am and 7:30 pm Please help
  • Jon Dr Brockton, MA - Ward 6
  • Other Archived
    292 Ames St Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 6
    Small dog outside constantly barking all day long. Dog is tied to a tree , very little shade, no noticeable water bowl. Homeowner ignoring dog's bark. Don't know if dog is licensed?
  • 96 Merton St Brockton 02302, United States - Ward 6
    There’s a refrigerator dumped up here by the spring. It’s broken apart in pieces.
  • Spark & Ames St Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 6
    Homless are now in and out of the Trailer
  • Snow Removal Archived
    96 Beacon Park Brockton, MA, 02302, USA - Ward 6
    I hope this picture helps you find us. This is a second request for a plow. My husband used to take care of the street and neighbors, which may be why we are not on your “radar” Please help.
  • 27 Blendall Street Brockton Ma 02302 - Ward 6

    This sofa and loveseat has been out going on week three now. I’ve reported this issue before and received no response. Myself and other community members would like them removed.


  • Snow Removal Archived
    35 Sawtell Ave Brockton 02302, United States - Ward 6
    The plows only plowed the middle of Sawtell Ave. They didn’t get the sides of the road near the curb. All of the children walking to the bus stops this morning are walking in the middle of the road to find clear pavement. This needs to be addressed as it’s difficult for the cars and dangerous for the kids.
  • 234 Howard Street Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 6
    I’m guessing a truck lost its load of newspapers here on Howard Street. I’ve already picked up hundreds of papers but there are thousands more blowing around the street. It is too dangerous for me to stand in the street to try to pick them up.
  • Quality of life Acknowledged
    292 Ames St Brockton, Massachusetts - Ward 6
    I am disabled, I walk with the aid of a cane. This morning while on my walk I had 2 issues. First in front of 292 Ames St they have a pile of branches on the sidewalk, been there for quite a few weeks. Today, because they constantly park on the sidewalk,
    I opted to walk on what was left for space on the sidewalk and I tripped on the branches, luckily I caught myself with my cane. Then walking on N. Cary St. (292 Ames is on the corner of Ames & N. Cary) I caught my coat and ripped it on the protruding fence. (The fence got hit by a car in Oct. time frame, it know protrudes on to half the sidewalk with sharp pole ends exposed.) Homeowners cares about nothing, lives by his rules. My thearpy for my disability is walking, me and my neighbors used to actually enjoy walking in the neighborhood. These two issues are a HUGE QUALITY OF LIFE ISSSUE to the me and the entire neighborhood. Sorry this complaint is so long!