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Englewood Gardens/Larchmont and Bayshore

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  • Mosquitoes Archived
    1197 Larchmont Drive Englewood, Florida - Englewood
    Heavy Mosquito issue in both the morning and at dusk/evening.
  • Bayshore Dr Englewood, FL, 34223, USA - Englewood
    Loud motorcycles at all hours, idling and revving engines at corner of Bayshore and Old Englewood. Past midnight at times. Please do something.
  • 1197 Larchmont Drive Englewood, Florida - Englewood
    We have a dozen+ children on our street and cars speed through at 40 mph. Can you paint on our street a 25 MPH speed limit in large numbers (like the attached photo)? Thank you!
  • 1080 Bayshore Drive Sarasota, Florida - Englewood
    The drainage ditch in front of our property is inactive. The water is just sitting there manufacturing mosquitos. I am hoping this is where I ask for help. If not, please direct me to the proper department.
  • 1197 Larchmont Drive Sarasota, Florida - Englewood
    After any rain, the Stormwater does not properly drain on either side of Larchmont Drive, the ENTIRE length of Larchmont -- not just in front of our home. Please clean all the bush and brush growth on the entire length of Larchmont.
  • 1195 Larchmont Dr Englewood, FL, 34223, USA - Englewood
    Homeowner had at least eight (8) LIVE HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL Pine Trees Removed/Cut Down. Trees were over 50 feet tall with at least 2.5 foot diameter. Sign out front says work is being done by Big Bald Guy Landscaping 941-525-2203.
  • 1197 Larchmont Dr Englewood, FL, 34223, USA - Englewood
    Collapsed sewer drain on corner of Eden Dr and Eden Place in Englewood Isles. Concrete and metal edge has completely deteriorated. It seems like it could be a hazard.