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  • 49 Elton Ave Trenton, NJ 08620, USA - Yardville-Groveville
    A quality of life issue!!!!!! The residence has too many cats with rampant inbreeding. I can't leave my windows open in my house. I can't sit in my backyard due to the stench. It is that bad. I hope the Twp. does something before I do.
  • 61 Argonne Ave Hamilton, NJ 08620, USA - Yardville-Groveville
    People of all ages drive their cars way over the speed limit on this street (Argonne Avenue) and on Elton Avenue from where Sunnybrea Boulevard ends to where Sunnybrea School is located. These roads are not being monitored. I recently saw a woman almost hit a boy on a bicycle on Argonne. She actually backed up and yelled at the boy! She was speeding down the road and the boy had no time to get out of the way. Someone should do something before there is an accident and someone gets hurt!
  • 5 Dailey Dr Hamilton Township, NJ - Yardville-Groveville

    We just moved in to the neighborhood and every day we get woken up by our neighbors yappy dog at 4 in the morning. They have the most disgusting backyard (and overall property in the neighborhood) and let this poor dog run outside whenever it wants thanks to a doggie door. They never supervise him and let him do whatever he wants.

    I also just got a puppy and the poor thing is scared to do his business cuz of the dog barking at him.

    I dont even want to get into the issue of all their ivy growning through the fence onto our property. I wish i knew where to report all this.

  • Cats Open
    1-13 Zachary Lane Hamilton Township, NJ 08620, USA - Yardville-Groveville
    There are cats all over the place in Eaglerock Apts. The management doesn't seem to care. Something has to be done to get rid of them.
  • cats Open
    Highland Ave trenton, NJ - Yardville-Groveville
    The street is populated with cats! A lot of them! Something needs to be done to get rid of them. It's just too many of them!
  • Drug Activity Archived
    Zachary Lane Hamilton Township, New Jersey - Yardville-Groveville
    Parents are complaining that young children are being recruited to sell drugs in this area. Numerous vehicles with PA plates have been seen on occasion visiting this location then leaving soon afterwards.
  • 155 Carlisle Ave. Yardville, NJ 08620 - Yardville-Groveville
    Large Pot Hole located at 155 Carlisle Avenue, in street at end of driveway...
  • Argonne Avenue Yardville , NJ - Yardville-Groveville
    For years Argonne Avenue has been used as a cut through between South Broad Street and Yardville-Hamilton Sq. Road. People who want to get onto 95 or just go home to the Hamilton area drive like they are on a highway through our residential area with no concern over the fact that people walk, ride their bikes, walk their dogs, have children playing, children riding their bikes, children using their skate boards, you get the picture. There is a total disregard for what could potentially happen as they speed through on their way to the store? home from work? going to work? What is the hurry? I see Mother's with their children IN THE CAR speeding by. I often think of what great role models they are for their kids. I have seen women/men stop their cars to yell at kids who were in the way when they were driving at high speeds and had to brake for the kids who were on their bikes in the street. Sometimes I wonder if I am living on 95 instead of a residential street. There is only so much the police can do. I have requested speed bumps or one of the devices that flashes the speed of the drivers as they go by...something...anything...before there is a tragedy. Naturally, my requests fell on deaf ears.
  • Zachary Lane Hamilton Nj - Yardville-Groveville
    Drugs and other gang related activities going on at this location.
  • Corner Of 19 Falmouth Drive - Yardville-Groveville
    Hole in front of catch basin which is collapsing also note it’s the kids bus stop location