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  • 5871 78th Ave N Pinellas Park, FL, 33781, USA - Pinellas Park
    Junk all around the home. The home appears to be falling apart as well
  • 7881 59th St N Pinellas Park, FL 33781, USA - Pinellas Park
    Still not mowing the lawn until contacted by the city, tree debris on north side of house piled in the knee high grass/ weeds. Please help fix this monthly issue, it really makes our street look bad.
  • 5895 78th Ave N. Pinellas Park Florida 33781 - Pinellas Park
    Franks Auto Body flat bed tow truck parked at a residential property. It is sometimes parked on City property across the street ( lot on SW corner of 59th st and 78th Ave next to the police department and directly in front of codes compliance department.) This has been reported to codes compliance numerous times. Besides being parked illegally, it is parked facing the wrong direction, close to a fire hydrant and it is difficult to turn on to 59 th st
  • 7921 59th Street North Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    Did have a lawn service, now they are back to letting grow up everywhere.