Villages of West End

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  • 124th Blvd Newberry, Florida - Alachua County
    124th Blvd is the ONLY way in & out. Spd limit is 25, but vehicles ROUTINELY go 45 +. Elderly, kids, families walk. PLEASE consider speed BUMP.
  • 12229 Nw 9th Lane Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    I tried to find a list of the types of plastic accepted for recycling. The Link to the list is missing. There is nothing on the site describing what materials - plastic, metal or paper are recyclable.
  • Road Repair Archived
    852–920 Nw 124th Blvd Newberry 32669, United States - Alachua County
    Pothole has come back. This pothole has been patched several times in the past yet it is back again.
  • Trash/Debris Archived
    12513 West Newberry Road Newberry, Florida - Alachua County
    On my way to work this morning I passed the construction prior the West End Golf Course. There is a large piece of concrete that has broken off into the road from the construction being done in this area. I was not able to change lanes or dodge the large piece of concrete and popped my tire.
  • 12355 Northwest 124th Boulevard Alachua County, FL 32669, United States of America - Alachua County
    Construction and delivery vehicles are speeding on 124th Blvd.
  • 12335 Nw 8th Pl Newberry, FL 32669, USA - Alachua County
    Switch box is incorrectly closed.
  • Road Repair Archived
    12328 Nw 9th Ln Newberry, FL 32669, USA - Alachua County
    Intersection of NW 124th Blvd & NW 9th Pl