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Bounded by Forest Hill, Bliley, Blakemore, and Jahnke

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  • Bliley Rd Richmond, VA, 23225, USA - Westlake Hills
    Large Pot Hole on Bliley Rd
  • 6306 Bergen Dr Richmond, VA, 23225, USA - Cedarhurst
    Vegetation covering several square feet at the end of the cul de sac
  • 1409 Leicester Rd Richmond, VA, 23225, USA - Cedarhurst
    Brush needed to be cleared on the side of the road
  • Intersection Of Boscobel & Jahnke Rd. (5101 Boscobel Ave) Richmond, Virginia - Forest View
    Overgrown bushes from 5101 Boscobel Ave are completely obstructing sidewalk on Jahnke Road between Boscobel Ave and Forest Hill Ave.
  • 5101 Boscobel Ave Richmond 23225, United States - Forest View
    Grass & large weeds are engulfing the sidewalk easement.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    5100 Forest Hill Ave Richmond 23225, United States - Forest View
    Pickup sofa from alley.
  • 1535 Yeardley Drive Richmond, Virginia - Cedarhurst
    The street lamp in front of my house has been out since before the hurricane. I have reported it to the city but wanted to follow up here on ClickFix. Resolution is ideal since it is terribly dark. Thank you.
  • 5908 Willow Creek Way Richmond, Virginia - Westlake Hills
    Brush pile
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    5511 Westower Dr Richmond 23225 United States - Cedarhurst
    All yard waste EXCEPT a large T-shaped pipe (an old clothes line post) — so be aware of that.
  • 5100 Boscobel Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Forest View
    Someone dumped green waste in the alley