Jimmy Frost's Watch Area

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Watching issues created after: 2018-06-11

This is the area of Virginia Beach that receives most of my attention.

Notified About

  • 1625 Donna Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States of America - Northeast
    There is a row if trees near the intersection of Donna Drive and Jack Rabbit Rd. (between the fire hydrant and the Dominion property) They have been dying and falling almost every time there is a storm. I have actually witnessed a branch fall in front of a person walking on the sidewalk. They have been reported, but nothing has been done to prevent the rest from falling.
  • Street Light Archived
    401–499 N Chesire Ct Virginia Beach 23454, United States - Northeast
    This light in the parking lot of Maple Bay Townhomes has been broken for over 6 months. During strong winds it could come off and fall on a person or vehicle
  • 2256 Virginia Beach Boulevard Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    City grass in medians on Virginia Beach Blvd, London Bridge and Dam Neck are way out of control. Extremely high grass meets up to my window on my car door.
    The city needs to reevaluate their expenditures for common sense maintenance of the city. Granted, there has been quite a bit of rain and the city puts most of the cutting on 16-18 day cycles, but this is something that needs to be reevaluated and addressed.
  • Laskin Road Virginia Beach, VA 23452, United States of America - Northeast
    There is a crater type hole filled with stagnant water off the left side of Laskin Rd shortly before the split the 264 west ramp and VB Blvd. Looks like it could be affecting the edge of the roadway. Besides it doesn't look very good.
  • Republic Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    The lines on Republic Rd at the intersection of First Colonial Rd need to be repainted. They are hardly visible.
  • 800 Ray Place Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    flat tires/
  • Maxey Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    The property to the right of the marker is city property. This is the third request to get the weeds cut down or out. The weeds block the view of oncoming traffic coming down Virginia Beach Blvd West bound. This is very dangerous and several accidents have happened due to this.
  • Red light no cars Acknowledged
    1952 Laskin Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    Every day coming to work this light turns red and there are no cars coming out the shopping center. It is a waste of time and gas for motorists to sit there for no reason. Please adjust this light.
  • Mcdonald'S 601 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States of America - Northeast
    Ongoing utility work on First Colonial Road is slowly turning the road into an auto manufacturer proving ground. The patches put in place and steel plates laid down are serving as speed bumps in the middle of a 35 mph zone. Cars routinely bounce over them or have pieces of asphalt rattle around under them as they pass over these hazards.
  • 1852 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA, 23454, USA - Northeast
    There are branches and leaves obstructing your view as you come off of Village Road onto Virginia Beach Boulevard and are looking eastbound towards the overpass and the car dealership.
  • Us-58 W Virginia Beach, VA, 23454, USA - Northeast
    Entire service road on the south side of Laskin Road is missing double yellow lines. Almost being hit head on twice in a week due to the missing lines. This has become very dangerous to all drivers from 711 all the way to SkiWorld.
  • 1701 Laskin Rd Virginia Beach 23454, United States - Northeast
    There is no curb cut on the sidewalk at the southwest corner of Laskin and FC just west of the pharmacy. People have to walk bikes from the service road to the sidewalk and Vice versa.