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  • 188 W Lawrence St Albany Ny 12203 Usa - Pine Hills
    The new owners of the house at 188 West Lawrence St are attempting to turn this two family dwelling into 4 or 6 separate studio apartments. I live directly across the street at 197 and have been living at this address for the last 30 years. I am not aware that the new owners have obtained the necessary variance or building permits to make this change. And as far as I know, none of the neighbors around here have been consulted on such a major change to our neighborhood.
  • Illegal Trash Acknowledged
    216 Quail St Albany Ny 12206, USA - Pine Hills
  • Morris Street Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    Since when do valets determine where people can and can't park in Albany? I tried to go to the bank today and pulled into a legal parking space and the valet told me I can't park there unless I'm using valet service and going to the pulmonary office. I told him I was parked in a residential space with a residential permit and was going to the bank and he started following me and calling me rude for parking where I have every right to park. He said, Take it up with Albany Med if you don't like it. They decide what we can do." Where is AMC's accountability? Do they now supersede the Mayor's office? Parking regulations? Citizen rights? The valets and residents are stuck in the middle of a worsening problem that has to be resolved at a different level, and soon we'll have snow emergency parking which will be an even worse problem with AMC using all of these spaces when they have a garage a block away.
  • Needs Cleanup Acknowledged
    81 Kent St Albany, NY - Albany
    This debris has been sitting since a party the college kids had 2 weeks ago. The trash cans have been out since garbage pick up Friday morning 10/26. I have a home day care across the street and this is a beautiful residential area the landlord and his tenants need to take better care of the property.
  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    Madison Ave Price Chopper Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    using Handicap space for convenience.
    breaking the law.
    acting selfish and entitled
  • 465 Western Avenue Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    Every. Single. Weekend. Loud music, screeching, stomping and copious amounts of banging and rowdiness from the 2nd floor rear apartment. I have spoken to the landlord, I have reported to the local police, and even tried to be loud in retaliation, and honestly I don't know what else to do. This is a building inhabited by working professionals, with the exception of this one tenant who has refused to keep the noise down despite numerous complaints and warnings from the landlord. To be kept up after midnight every Friday and Saturday by a gaggle of drunk college kids with no awareness and respect for their surroundings is infuriating. Please help.
  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    804 Madison Ave Albany 12208, United States - Pine Hills
    Multiple cars parked directly in bike lane
  • 843 Madison Ave Albany 12208, United States - Pine Hills
    Garbage and animal feces in park that needs to be picked up, park needs to be scanned for any other issues present.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    814 Lancaster St Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    I have been calling about these potholes since the summer and nothing has been done at all. Now it is almost winter and they are just going to get worse. I will certainly be sending the city of Albany any repair bills for my car! Ridiculous how poorly this city is run!
  • 1110 Madison Ave Albany 12208, United States - Pine Hills
    Two school days concluded and this intersection is still blocked at several access points by walls of snow. Shame, shame, shame...but at least the cars have a clear trajectory :(
  • 459 Washington Avenue Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    The 4 College kids living at 459 Washington Avenue who where very noisy to begin with acquired a dog after the recent break in classes for the holidays. It barks endlessly, both while they are at class but also between 11pm and 3:45am when they out betting hammered at the local college bars. I was unable to sleep all last night since the arrived home just after 4am. I notified the landlord who gave me the same lip service as always. That he will speak to them. Yet I go without sleep.
  • 188 W Lawrence - Pine Hills