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  • 1200 Moffett St Hallandale Beach, FL, 33009, USA - Hollywood
    Entrance to parking lot from ne 12 ave to the alley to 1300 Moffett St Hallandale Beach 33009.
    A lot of big potholes.
    all road coating needs repair
  • 1856 Washington St Hollywood, FL, 33020, USA - Hollywood
    every time we have a rain shower and especially during "Rainy Season", the streets,alleys and parking lots FLOOD kneedeep to hip high, and they stay that way for days. It is a dangerous health hazard, destroys the engines of cars and motorcycles especially- who will pay for that? It has been like this for a LONG time, and it seems to be shrugged off and left as is without anyone taking ACTION. WHO is responsible for not taking care of this drainage problem???
    Something HAS to be DONE to fix this problem and QUICKLY. PLEASE.
  • 2339 Dewey St Hollywood, FL, 33020, USA - Hollywood
    A few days ago they reported me and I am paying fines for having modified my bathroom inside my house without permission. It turns out that this neighbor in front of me added this house on a weekend and they did nothing. I hope the authorities are fair to everyone
  • 1305 Funston St Hollywood, FL, 33019, USA - Hollywood
    Airbnb on Funston street has had guests who’s decibel levels clearly violate local noise ordinance. The noise is clearly audible passed property lines until 4 o’clock in the morning. Any help would be appreciated.
  • 1745 Van Buren Street Hollywood, Florida - Hollywood
    There is tons of graffiti on the old Hollywood Bread Building and around the area. Please make the owners clean this up as students, parents, and neighbors have to see this every day,
  • 1700 Harrison Street Hollywood, Florida - Hollywood
    Graffiti is all around this section of the neighborhood. It's on this closed down building and on the electrical boxes across the street. It's on the dumpster underneath Home Towers and all over the old Bread Building.