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  • 199 New Monmouth Rd Middletown, NJ 07748, USA - Middletown
    This intersection is a dangerous eyesore. A project was started over the summer to widen the roads and change the flow of traffic ( lanes were added). The project was never finished. The area is littered with orange barrels. The additional lanes were never paved and trail off to nowhere. Where is the justification for taking 20 feet off of several front lawns? The left turn signals were never turned on and are covered with black plastic. Above all, there is chaos. Someone is going to get hurt. Fix this mess NOW!
  • Chapel Hill Rd An Whipprwhil - Middletown
    2 new rimms and a new tire this winter on the mess on Chapel Hill Rd. in front of Stavola Farm. There's a water leak there for 2 years, ditches in the road, in the winter the road freeze's on the curve. Some kid is going to have a major accident there! Fix It!!!
  • Middletown Lincroft Road Lincroft, NJ - Lincroft
    The headaches caused by the never ending water pipe installation on Middletown Lincroft Road is compounded by the horrific patch job that has created a true hazard for miles. If this isn't repaved till Spring, I shudder to think what driving will be like when the road is slick or icy come the colder weather. Since this is a main road leading to Middletown High School South, it creates an even greater hazard as many driving are inexperienced. Smooth out the road before a tragedy strikes.
  • Middletown NJ, USA - Middletown
    Locust, Monmouth, Valley Roads meet in a DEADLY intersection..many accidents. I live near there and there needs to be a rerouting of roads or a traffic light. People do not know who has the right of way plus alot of people SPEED ....its just deadly!!!
  • In Street - Middletown
    Posted sign indicates Right Lane Ends ...wrong
    Its actually the left lane that ends.
    Sign should indicate merge to the right or left lane ends.
  • West Front And Middletown-Lincroft Rd - Lincroft
    There should be a left turn arrow at the intersection of Middletown-Lincroft Road and West Front Strret in Lincroft.
  • ACCIDENTS Archived
    Dwight Road & Red Hill Road Middletown, NJ - Holmdel
    This is a new redesign of the intersecting roads and there are more accidents than previously.
    It is confusing and crossovers from one lane to another are difficult.
  • 103-147 New Jersey 36 Keansburg, NJ 07734, USA - Middletown
    Nearly the entire stretch of Route 36 south from Keyport through Atlantic Highlands should be repaved. Road surface is worn and in places has ruts that hold water every time it rains which results in hydroplaning.
  • Holland Road - Middletown
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Phalanx Road Lincroft, NJ - Lincroft

    Huge potholes just past the Brookdale College entrance on Phalanx Rd in Lincroft have existing for two years. The County paved most of this road last year, but inexplicably did not pave the section with the largest number of pot holes.

    UPDATE: 9-5-2010

    Still hasn't been fixed.

  • Bray Ave Port Monmouth, NJ 07758, USA - Port Monmouth
    Huge pothole when turning off of Bray Avenue onto Main Street. There's no way to avoid it. It's very deceiving...seems to always be filled with water so you think it's just a puddle until your car slams down into it.
  • Chapel Hill Road Middletown 07748 - Middletown
    a long run of deep potholes along chapel hill road middletown