Neighbors on Forrer - between Pembrook and Hessell/Trogan

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There are several houses on Forrer Between - Pembrook - Trojan -Hessell that are vacant and several of the houses have been taken over by squatters. The people/companies that own these houses never come to check on them and squatters move in. We as neighbors are trying to find out what can be done with this matter.

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  • 6165 Lodewyck St Detroit 48224, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Squatters have dumped couches on the property- both front and back.
  • 5512 Neff Ave Detroit, MI 48224, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    please address the series of houses on this street. there are pockets of burnt houses, unkept houses and squatters that do not care. There are houses where grass hasn't been cut since last year; there are vacant lots that have not been cut. Children live on this block. This is The worst block in the connunitty. I am pleading for your help in restoring this block. this area is on the other side of East English Village Preparatory academy. Please clean this area up.
    if this is the wrong category, please do not close but transfer to the correct department. please have both the city inspector and police visit the area. thanks.
  • 5783 Woodhall St Detroit, MI, 48224, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Blighted property, possible squatters that are dumping all their collected junk and trash, and collapsed garage, into and onto the vacant lot next door.
  • 18642 Wisconsin St Detroit 48221, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    This residence is vacant was reported as a squatters hazard when front door was wide open and furniture in front yard. Someone attended to it but drive remains full of debris and mattresses. This is a rodent and fire hazard.
  • 18583 Mackay Street Detroit, MI - US Congressional District MI14
  • 8239 Auburn St Detroit, MI 48228, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    8239 side door opened, needs to be boarded. 2 south of 8239 squatters regularly break in, trash front berm , needs to be knocked down, elderly person next door to this nonsense. trash across the street/dumping from 8239 as well. no address on the destroyed home 2 south of 8239. needs cleanup , board up, knock down
  • 4768 Casper St Detroit, MI 48210, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    This abandoned house has created a lot of issues in our neighborhood. We had deal with tall grass, illegal dumpings, squatters and rats for years. This house must be demolish. The neighbors had complained in multiple occasions and the city is not helping. Now to add to our problems the house next door came recently emptied as well.
  • 228 Josephine St Detroit, MI 48202, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    228 Josephine is an abandoned house, with squatters living on the porch. They have been dumping all their refuse in the alley and it is out of control and utility vehicles can't get through or have to drive on top of trash to access poles. 
  • 11472 Lansdowne St Detroit, MI, 48224, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • 9207 Sorrento St Detroit, MI, 48228, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    I have been reporting this house since last year regarding squatters and nothing was done or followed up. Now due to squatters and the use of illegal electricity the house caught on fire 2/2/2020. Now I guess the neighbors have to look at this eye sore due to no one followed up with request. Once a beautiful home destroyed by squatters. Is it possible for the city to board the house up? I refuse to board another house up this is the city's job. Also due to my request being ignored I will no longer honor the city's request to assist with boarding these eye sores. This is going to create a breeding ground for rodents and other critters. Also a dumping site for bodies.
  • 8434 Cahalan St Detroit, MI 48209, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    people always come and dump here in that area! and the squatters from my previous request to board up a house are doing their business in a bag and putting the bags there!! I'm so done with the odor and dumped of things at this site! I took a picture when nothing was there but I'm so sure by the end of this week there will be junk there!!
  • 6209 Lodewyck St Detroit, MI, 48224, USA - US Congressional District MI13