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  • 153 Cannon Rd Wilton 06897, United States - Wilton
    Worst this situation has been. Actual bank of icy snow this morning. I skidded into oncoming lane at curve. Someone is going to have a SERIOUS accident here.
  • Canon Road Wilton, Connecticut - Wilton
    Water draining onto road causing ice and dangerous conditions.
  • 180 School Rd Wilton 06897, United States - Wilton
    Visitor team room bathrooms have been broken for over a month and emails have been sent out without action being taken
  • 153 Cannon Rd Wilton 06897, United States - Wilton
    Cannon Rd. going uphill toward Hurlbutt is a daily ice slick that seems to be from poor draining on both side of the road. Extremely dangerous. Needs a better solution than occasionally putting down sand or salt. Also has become worse since last couple weeks when construction was being done on homes on Cannon to the right just before Hurlbutt intersection.
  • 2-106 Dudley Rd Wilton, CT, 06897, USA - Wilton
    The new Road is beautiful, unfortunately a double yellow line has not been painted down Dudley Road. This causes cars to think that it is a one way road and they can drive in the middle of the street. Dudley Road is well known for speeding and blind turns, the double yellow lines are the only thing that "helps" keep cars away from each other when they are traveling at such high speeds. With the recent ice, the situation has gotten scarier. Please paint lines as soon as you can, DO NOT wait for Spring.
  • 44 Westport Rd Wilton, CT, 06897, USA - Wilton
    Similar to last year, the grass and weeds along the road in front of the home on 44 Westport Road is extremely overgrown, blocking the sight lines when turning from Dudley Road on to Route 33. Can you please mow this ASAP?
  • 11 Deacons Lane Wilton CT - Wilton

    There is a posted speed limit sign on Belden Hill as you head off Ridgefiled Road, it's 30 MPH. Motorists are not abiding by this (and/or don't see it). We live on Deacons and there are several issues with cars speeding.
    1) Exiting Deacons on to Belden, cars driving too fast, causing safety issues. I have almost been hit 4x in the last month due to cars speeding around the corner as I try to accelerate.
    2) More importantly...bus safety. The bus stops for pick up on Belden at Deacons Lane. The kids that live on Deacons (mine including) have to cross Belden in the morning and afternoon to get on/off the bus. Cars are speeding and as a result, slowing/stopping abruptly when the bus is stopped. While we wait for the bus arrive, cars are speeding way in excess of 30 MPH.

    I request a speed trap and/or an updated LED speed limit sign that signals the speed of the cars driving by. In addition, a "Children Crossing" sign posted closer to Deacons lane.

    Something has to be executed to force motorist to slow down and drive the posted speed limit before someone gets seriously injured.

  • 1-199 Mather St Wilton, CT, 06897, USA - Georgetown
    Mather Street's pavement is in bad shape. Potholes & road damage
  • 69 Dudley Road - Wilton
    Beer cans and carton across the road
  • 26 Heather Ln Wilton, Connecticut - Wilton


    The Street sign is missing on the intersection of Thistle and Chestnut and I use it as a maker to find my turn as chestnut doesn’t have street lights. Pls order a new sign. Thank you, Chris

  • 18 Grant Ave Wilton 06897, United States - Wilton
    Horseshoe pond should have a tree assessment. It is
    Much easier to remove a tree in danger of falling in to the water than to pull it out. Needs much tree trimming around pond
  • Street Signs Archived
    67 Dudley Road Wilton, CT - Wilton
    Driveway is past a hairpin turn creating a blind driveway and a very difficult left or right turn out of my driveway; additionally, the bus stop at this intersection is also dangerous due to the curve; since people use Dudley as a cut through, it is a very highly travelled road and cars are routinely driving at 35-40 MPH (speed limit is 25 MPH) which is very dangerous, especially coming out of driveway.