Airport Heights Crime Watch

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Watching issues created after: 2009-05-30

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Notified About

  • 3205 W Grange Avenue Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    property at 3205 W Grange Ave, Greenfield (private culdesac) has cut a ditch sending water onto St Charles Borromeo property.
  • 6048 S 36th St Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    This house has a lawn care business being ran from it. Company trucks are all being parked at the residence (3 trucks , 3 trailers, 4 vehicles and more,) all with the company logo. Employee's are also, parked there and on the street.
  • 6136 South 36th Street Greenfield, WI - Greenfield
    Grass and weeds are currently over 12" tall. Branches that need to be mulched up laying everywhere. Dandelions everywhere.
  • 5920 S 28th St Greenfield, WI 53221 - Greenfield
    house is in bad shape
  • 6266 S 35th St Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    City of Greenfield garbage can on the NW corner of 35 & College needs to be emptied.
  • 5963 S 32nd St Greenfield, WI 53221 - Greenfield
  • 3301 W Ramsey Ave Greenfield, WI 53221, USA - Greenfield
  • 3405 W Ramsey Ave Greenfield, WI 53221, USA - Greenfield
    concerns about the directions of the gutter drains towards lot to the east.
  • 3337 W Grange Ave Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    This home I believe is going through a foreclosure and the people that used to live there were real hoarders. Not sure if the bank or past neighbors asked to clean it out, but the ENTIRE lawn is full of junk - furniture/toys/pianos. The people that go and clean, park their cars on the lawn. Very bad image for Greenfield, all of the neighbors have been discussing how bad it's looking. Please help get this taken cared of. Thank you.
  • Unsightly Home Acknowledged
    5455 S 27th St Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    Unsightly business. Tall grass and weeds
  • Street Light Issues Acknowledged
    S 27th St Greenfield 53221, United States - Greenfield
    During late nights/early mornings the traffic lights will remain “green” for north/south bound traffic on s 27th st unless a vehicle traveling east or west bound on Grange approaches the intersection. Then the light will change for maybe 10 seconds to allow for cross traffic. Lately the lights change without east/west cross traffic and the light for north/south traffic remains “red” for longer nearly 30seconds. The green lights is sorted for north/south travelers than the red. Maybe the sensors are malfunctioning?
  • 5960 S 32nd St Greenfield, WI 53221 - Greenfield
    property in poor shape
    caregiver asked for city service to mow every 20 days