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Notified About

  • 5433 W Oklahoma Ave Milwaukee, WI 53219, USA - Lyons Park
    Oklahoma avenue from 50th to 76th st is horrible and it's been like that for almost 2 yrs.
  • 3300 S. 60th St. Milwaukee - Lyons Park
    S. 60th Street from I-894 north all the way to Oklahoma is terrible! Needs to be entirely repaved.
  • 3850 S 35th St Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    My neighbor keeps feeding all the neighbor hood cats the fire department has came talked to her already but continues to do it. The cats have made the front of my home there litter box. I have brown mulch under my front window that Is so full of cat poop I can stand the smell. I tried to rake it up. I need to replace all of my mulch. Witch isnt cheap Ans was just layed down In spring. They have all these cats living in there sheds. And @#$% all over my yards. Something needs to be done to get rid of these cats. I cant let my kids out side because of this and its ridiculous that they cant go play. Thanks hope its resolved fast.
  • Safety Acknowledged
    3852 S 39th St Greenfield, WI 53221, USA - Greenfield
    Sinkhole or wash out building up in the back alley on the corner of my property could affect all neighbors.
  • 3200 W Loomis Rd Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    junk and debris in back yard need clean up
  • 3720 W Howard Avenue Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Property owners leave bird feed on the ground. This attracts squirrels, mice, moles, ducks, geese etc. into our yard.
  • 3610 South 33rd Street Greenfield, WI 53221, United States of America - Greenfield
    Entire Lynndale neighborhood has been without street lights for 3 consecutive nights! This is ridiculous, especially considering all of the auto break-ins we experience. Why hasn't this issue been resolved?
  • 5049 W Forest Home Ave Milwaukee, WI, 53219, USA - Greenfield
  • S 35th St & W Lynndale Ave Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    Never moves, expired tags.
  • S Crandon Pl & W Midland Dr Milwaukee, WI, 53219, USA - Greenfield
    Several vehicles park on W. Midland and never move all month. There are at least 2 vehicles that have expired plates.
  • 3731 S. 56th Street Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    The abandoned house at 3731 S. 56th street has grass which is not cut. The neighbor to the south cut between the street and sidewalk because he was fearful that the long grass would attract bugs and rodents. The grass was so long that he could not cut anymore. Please send this absentee landlord a notice. The house also doesn't look very good. We know no one has been at the house for months. The neighbor saw some appliances taken out of the house in January. I am fearful vandals might or did something to the house. Can I get the name and phone number of the owner?
  • 3660 South 34th Street Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    I have a very tall pine in my front yard that I think is dying/ dead/ Many dead branches, and worry that it could be a safety concern. Want to know what the process is to determine the tree health, and removal if necessary.