Alverno Neighborhood Crime Watch

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Watching issues created after: 2009-05-30

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Notified About

  • 3300 S. 60th St. Milwaukee - Lyons Park
    S. 60th Street from I-894 north all the way to Oklahoma is terrible! Needs to be entirely repaved.
  • 5433 W Oklahoma Ave Milwaukee, WI 53219, USA - Lyons Park
    Oklahoma avenue from 50th to 76th st is horrible and it's been like that for almost 2 yrs.
  • 3850 S 35th St Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    My neighbor keeps feeding all the neighbor hood cats the fire department has came talked to her already but continues to do it. The cats have made the front of my home there litter box. I have brown mulch under my front window that Is so full of cat poop I can stand the smell. I tried to rake it up. I need to replace all of my mulch. Witch isnt cheap Ans was just layed down In spring. They have all these cats living in there sheds. And @#$% all over my yards. Something needs to be done to get rid of these cats. I cant let my kids out side because of this and its ridiculous that they cant go play. Thanks hope its resolved fast.
  • 3405 W Wilbur Ave Greenfield, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    If we all arenot picking up garbage from this address that blows out of their yard. They don't want to seem to cut the grass. t This has been a problem I'm going for 7 years and even with new owners that are here that are now threatening the neighbors that have been here for so long while they're running over their grass and saying that they'll just put ghetto people in the house seems to be a problem already. Not to mention the new owner threatened to shoot an elderly neighbor after trying to get their attention but had to walk into the house to get their attention while the doors were all wide open and unlocked because they had run over her grass. It seems that these people are going to be a problem. Which doesn't make it fair forthe people that take care of their property and keep the neighborhood clean and pay our taxes
  • Safety Acknowledged
    3852 S 39th St Greenfield, WI 53221, USA - Greenfield
    Sinkhole or wash out building up in the back alley on the corner of my property could affect all neighbors.
  • Unsightly Home Acknowledged
    5049 W Forest Home Ave Greenfield, WI, 53219, USA - Greenfield
    Garbage cans in driveway all week. From drive by street view there appears to be trash between the house and garage.
  • Basemant Foloding Acknowledged
    3605 S 46th St Milwaukee, WI, 53220, USA - Greenfield
    My name is Jessica Mendoza. My basemant got flooded sunday night. My Furnace, water heater, ac , dryer , washer and everything else in basemant got ruined. I never had issues with sewer backing up before until now that construction is taking place. I have been calling because i need answers but no one is getting bak to me
    Thank you My phone number is 414 346-3759 Address: 3605 s 46th pl Greenfiel wi 53220
  • 3455 W Lynndale Ave Greenfield, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
  • S 35th St & W Lynndale Ave Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    Never moves, expired tags.
  • 3850 S 35th St Greenfield, WI 53221, USA - Greenfield
    They still continue to feed these cats. Not only is this a problem again. But now this is animal cruelty. They have a box set up for them to go in and out. they meow all night trying to get in there house so they dont die from the cold.
  • Safety Archived
    3137 W Lynndale Ave Greenfield, WI, 53221, USA - Milwaukee County
    Caucasian, early forty’s, causing and tormenting others. Needs to be removed from home immediately. Drug user. And formly and verbally causing problems to owner of the home. I’m very concerned. It’s been an on going thing. This needs to be addressed immediately. This women will be and will act innocent up until police leave and cause more problems, issues, and damage. She Has been and continually made remarks. I’m in fear of owner. She needs to leave ASAP. And not to return.
  • 5049 W Forest Home Ave Milwaukee, WI, 53219, USA - Greenfield
    Overgrown. The entire lawn is a field of weeds.