Bay View Neighborhood Crime Watch

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Watching issues created after: 2009-05-30

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Notified About

  • 2408 S Williams St Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA - Bay View
    Stop signs at least one direction on these roads along Conway. People fly through here and don't slow down at any of the cross streets. Please, there are a lot of children playing in this area!
  • Loose Dogs Archived
    3625 S Taylor - Tippecanoe

    I wanted to make everyone aware of two dangerous dogs near Emigh Playfield. My dog, two year old daughter and I were attacked by two full grown Rotweillers on the corner of Wilbur and Quincy. A kind neighbor on the corner came out and chased the dogs away. They seemed to run back around a house and promptly relaxed in what seemed to be their own fenced yard (fence wide open) at 3625 S. Taylor.

    These dogs have been loose before when we've been at the park. Be careful with your little ones in this area.

  • garbage Archived
    1421 E Oklahoma Ave Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA - Bay View
    2bags og garbage dumped in front of post office
  • 3600-3642 S Iowa Ave St Francis, WI 53235, USA - St. Francis
    Stop and go lights need to be there!! Stop signs are there now and way to many people don't bother stopping.
  • testing Open
    356 E Rosedale Ave milwaukee, wi - Bay View
    testing site
  • Bicycle Theft Archived
    2255 S Lenox St Milwaukee, WI 53207 - Bay View

    On 5/30 between 1pm and 3pm a bike was stolen out of a fenced back yard at 2249 S Lenox.

    26" ladies Schwinn...aqua. gearbag on handle bars...round rearview mirror on left handlebar... gel seat cover with Bianchi seat underneath.. .red skateboarding helmet.

  • 2562 S Williams St Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA - Bay View
  • About 1600 E. Oklahome Ave. - Fernwood
    When entering the Lake Parkway to go North the 'on ramp' is only supposed to be a single lane but many impatient drivers use the cross thatched 'lane' as an access point causing some dangerous situations. Cement or steel barriers need to be installed to prevent this. Or, station a Sheriff there for a couple of weeks to ticket the people using this non-lane illegally.
  • 3529-3599 S Iowa Ave Milwaukee, WI 53235, USA - St. Francis
    People park cars on west side of Iowa Ave north of St. Francis Ave. There is no parking there. Have called police. Police let cars park there. Police have drove by and just let cars sit there no ticket no talking to who may own car.
  • 2566-2570 S Kinnickinnic Ave Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA - Bay View
    pavement within the NB bike lane needs repair.
  • 3300 S.Pine Milwaukee, WI - Bay View
    light in center of block east side of street burnt out
  • 3306 S. Dayfield Ave milw, Wisconsin - Fernwood
    Heavy afro American man driving a silver chevy car license plate 282-SYD. we have called the police on him many times. He has been busted twice in our neighborhood, yet he still gets out and comes back to sell out of the car.