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  • 2470 Bedford Ave New York 11226 United States - City Council District 40
    Car parked on sidewalk in front of auto-repair shop on a Sunday. This is in violation of the building owner’s agreement with Community Board 14, which granted a variance for the operation of an auto shop in this residential neighborhood under certain conditions (including NO cars parked on the sidewalk). Have repeatedly reported this since the variance was granted, but the problem continues. I have also reported this to the police via the 311 smartphone app.
  • 525 E 21st St Brooklyn, New York - City Council District 40
    Multiple times throughout the summer, the same group hosts outdoor parties/cookouts late into the night, often going from 8PM - 3AM. This occurs in a small alley/back area on the north side of 525 E 21st St. Because they have a large outdoor speaker and audio equipment, the music is very loud even with the windows shut. Both direct pleas to the group and 311 noise complaints have not remediated the recurring issue. Need Community Board assistance or other pressure on the building's management or superintendent.
  • 305 Parkside Ave New York 11215, United States - City Council District 40
    Cars without permits daily parking on park lawn have destroyed this formerly grassy patch blooming with crocus and turned it into a muddy pit. The area is clearly marked “no parking anytime “. In addition to these cars destroying the grass and flowers, the cars have compacted the soil around the root structure of the trees. These trees are around 100 years old and a Brooklyn treasure and may not survive this treatment. These cars are parking here despite plentiful actual parking spots. The owners of these permitless vehicles should be ticketed, towed, and held financially responsible for the damage to the park. Here are just some of the license plates of these vehicles: NY EXP520, NY GDF 3211, NY HAT 9592, NY HBX 2110, NY GMD 9475, NY GAR 3136, NY FPZ 2438, NY EVV 6357, NY HWE 9448, NY GJB 3084, NY FHV 4805, NY HJN 3648, NY JDR 7528. I have photographs of all of these vehicles parking here and will continue to record their plates
  • 38 Stratford Road Brooklyn Ny - City Council District 40
    This house has been abandoned and falling apart for at least 15 years. The city has had to come numerous times to exterminate vermin. It has also had to come remove the collapsing porch. The roof itself appears to be collapsing and that poses a danger. It attracts trash and is perpetually overgrown. Isn’t there anything we can do about this neighborhood eyesore?
  • 2470 Bedford Ave New York 11226, United States - City Council District 40
    Auto shop located at 2470 Bedford is parking vehicles on sidewalk outside of the adjacent unoccupied commercial property (recently sold to a developer) during business hours instead of keeping cars inside their garage/business/building. The business has “no parking” cones in front of its own storefront (see orange and yellow cone in photo) but is nevertheless using the adjacent sidewalks for parking the vehicles they are repairing (see white car with raised hood in photo). This is in violation of their C of O and the variance for operating an auto shop in a residential zone granted recently by Community Board 14. I hope CB14 sees that this business is not following the rules set by the Dept of Buildings and the community board, and will withdraw the variance!
  • 305 Parkside Ave New York 11215, United States - City Council District 40
    Hello. I recently learned of this capital project in the parade ground to reconstruct the paved pathways of the parade grounds. https://www.nycgovparks.org/planning-and-building/capital-project-tracker/project/9445 I contacted the liaison for the project to bring up some concerns that myself and many members of the community have brought up numerous times to see if we could have them considered in the redesign. They told me I should go through our community board, so I am reporting it here. Our immediate concerns specifically are: 1) that the containers blocking the pedestrian path on the western path through the parade ground are moved. 2) that paths for motorized vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles are clearly marked on the western path, and 3) that the drainage by the flag pole is fixed. The western path is the only path that leads to a traffic light across Parkside ave. and flat entrance to prospect park all the way down to Ocean Ave. As such it is one of the most heavily used corridors for accessing the park for people in our neighborhood. The infrastructure and condition of this corridor has been long neglected and is not serving our needs. Now there is money and a team working on this. We want to make sure these concerns are being met as part of this capital project. Thank you.
  • 1200 Beverley Road Brooklyn / Kings, New York - City Council District 40

    Raised manhole surrounded by sunken pavement. Every time a truck goes over it my whole house shakes. The noise is so loud we can't sleep. Have complained multiple times to 311- they referred to DEP who owns the manhole. after months DEP has no record of complaint...

    Kirsten Johnson
    1203 Beverley 11218
    917 676 4353

  • 2313 Newkirk Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    Every day weather permitting, people are blasting music from a late model green Ford Expedition that's parked either directly in front or in close proximity to 2313 Newkirk Ave. I filed a noise complaint at 4:32 pm on July 6th (C1-1-1731720921) and the police didn't respond until 10 hours later at 2:23 am, at which time the music has stopped and the police "observed no evidence of the violation at that time". The second noise complaint (C1-1-1732360011) was filed last night, July 7th, at 10:09 pm and the police didn't respond until seven and a half hours later at 5:38 am at which time they once again "observed no evidence of the violation". Please let me know, what I can do to get the local police department to respond in a timely fashion and actually enforce the NYC Noise Code. Thank you.
  • 622 Marlborough Rd New York 11226, United States - City Council District 40
    There is a giant pile of rubbish along side 622 Marlborough Rd. that is attracting rodents especially rats, cats and pigeons. It is been there for over a year and it’s utterly disgusting and gross and it’s starting to smell and I’m pretty sure it’s both a public health issue and a fire hazard and the landlord has been notified and nothing has been done. I have made two complaints to 311 and I’m waiting for someone to come investigate.
  • 214 Newkirk Avenue brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Dumpster on street for day. Construction inside with no permits. they have 6 commercial vans and pickup trucks on residential streets
  • 402 Crooke Avenue Brooklyn, Kings - City Council District 40
    Neighbors of the 402 & 410 Crooke Avenue Apartments have complained about speeding cars coming into Crooke Avenue from Ocean Avenue. There has been multiple car accidents due to speeding in this intersection through the years. The members of this avenue intersection would like to request a speed bump to minimize this erratic behavior by drivers in this area.
  • 26 Rugby Rd New York 11226, United States - City Council District 40
    This truck on a regular basis is picking up and dropping laundry at Caton Park Nursing Home and blocks Rugby Road completely for 30-45 minutes at high traffic morning hours. Cars are compelled to find alternative ways around this nuisance including driving on the sidewalk or backing up the street. Any emergency vehicles would not be able to pass. See photo.