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  • 525 E 21st St Brooklyn, New York - City Council District 40
    Multiple times throughout the summer, the same group hosts outdoor parties/cookouts late into the night, often going from 8PM - 3AM. This occurs in a small alley/back area on the north side of 525 E 21st St. Because they have a large outdoor speaker and audio equipment, the music is very loud even with the windows shut. Both direct pleas to the group and 311 noise complaints have not remediated the recurring issue. Need Community Board assistance or other pressure on the building's management or superintendent.
  • New York NY, USA - Tribeca

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  • Loud Music Archived
    2313 Newkirk Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    A group of people have been blasting music on the sidewalk in front their building through a large speaker. This was going on all day yesterday until about 2 in the morning along with setting off fireworks around midnight. The issue is that every time a noise complaint is filed, the responding officers close it because they don't see any signs of a violation. But, the speaker is in plain sight right in front of the building and all they do is turn the music off when they see a patrol car approaching and then turn it right back on as soon as the car leaves. The last complaint that was filed is #311-07052333. Please advise. Thank you.
  • 2701 Glenwood Rd Brooklyn, NY, 11210, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Hi. Does 2701 Glenwood Road have permits to work on the weekends? There is loud drilling and music coming from the workers at this time and it is Sunday.
  • 2701 Glenwood Rd Brooklyn, NY, 11210, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    2701 is newly renovated but workers still come from time to time to work on finishing the house. It seems like there is 1 tenant so far living there.
    There is a flood light on the side of the house that comes on automatically when it gets dark and goes off when sun comes off.
    It flashes on and off all night.
    Have reached out to contractor and foreman but no response.
    Very disruptive when sleeping.
  • 141-07 20th Ave Whitestone, NY, 11357, USA - City Council District 19

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  • New York NY, USA - Tribeca
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  • 616 E 18th St Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40

    Community requests the DOT to install speed bumps on East 18th street between Newkirk and Foster Avenues. A large daycare is situated at this location and additional pedestrian and car passenger safety measures are urgently needed.

    Thank you.

  • Brooklyn Dreams Charter School 259 Parkville Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    The Brooklyn dreams charter school located between Parkville and Newkirk avenues has entrances on both streets and a huge parking lot next door. However, they will not allow the lot to be used for buses or parents picking up kids. The buses tie up the street and double park with immunity which is bad enough. But the real problem is the parents who come to pickup kids stating 30 minutes before classes end. They don't care where they park and constantly block all the fire hydrants, double park and park in everyone's driveway. Not only do they block everyone's driveway but they even have the nerve to pull into peoples private property and leave their cars. they then proceed to leave their cars and go wait by the school, causing huge traffic jams with people who are returning home and trying to get into their driveways. The constant horn honking is terrible. Why doesn't the school open the lot so that cars can drive in one way and go out the other side? There is no police activity at that time even though the 70 precinct is right around the corner.
  • New York NY, USA - Tribeca
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  • 2701 Glenwood Rd Brooklyn, NY, 11210, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14

    Complaint # 311-02735644

    The generator they use (except during lunch) is outside and excessively loud. They need a muffler. Is there anything that can be done?

  • 2470 Bedford Ave New York 11226 United States - City Council District 40
    Car parked on sidewalk in front of auto-repair shop on a Sunday. This is in violation of the building owner’s agreement with Community Board 14, which granted a variance for the operation of an auto shop in this residential neighborhood under certain conditions (including NO cars parked on the sidewalk). Have repeatedly reported this since the variance was granted, but the problem continues. I have also reported this to the police via the 311 smartphone app.